Vine Heart Sangiovese Yakima Valley, WA review

The last few days in the Northwest have been beautiful and it's been a good opportunity to do yard work. Of course, after a day of hard work and sore muscles, it's nice to have a drink with dinner. Thankfully, a friend of my husband brought by a gift of wine on our first day of yard work. It was a red wine from Prosser Washington, called Sangiovese.  When I googled Sangiovese, I read it was the same grape used to make Chianti. I love Chianti with a good hearty meal, so I eagerly opened the wine. I was a little disappointed with the yeasty, sulfury smell, and slightly turbid appearance but drank it anyway. Who throws out wine? The wine was very spicy, like black pepper (earthy & sensational). Actually, my mouth tingled as I drank it. … [Read more...]