Tic Tac Fruit Adventure flavor review

Tic Tacs are a favorite sweet treat from my youth that I love to share with my children. Why overload kids with candy when a 2 calorie tic tac will satisfy? I had my two little munchkins in mind when I made this tic tac purchase. It's always good to have a pack of tic tacs in your purse; if you need to bribe your kids into behaving.   The flavors of Tic Tac fruit adventure are: 1)yellow: passionfruit or mango: It's very sulfury and floral. It reminds me of a canned mango or overcooked tropical fruit. My kids will not eat this one. 2) orange: sweet orange: Like St. Joseph's baby aspirin. It's not a juicy or fresh orange.  It's very sweet like tang drink powder. My kids like this one. 3) green: apple: This apple candy is … [Read more...]

Tic Tac Holiday Twist Limited Edition Mints Review

At the holidays, as a parent, it's my time to relive my youth. Last year, I got my girls a Barbie house with an elevator, something I've wanted since I was a little girl. This year, we've moved to electronic toys, but there is a Lego set and doll that I am excited to play with. I'm giddy with excitement and I'm busy choosing all the perfect treats for my girls stockings. They love sweets and I'm choosing a few small fun items for Christmas morning. Since they are both Tic Tac fans, like I was at their age, I tried out some of the Holiday Twist Tic Tacs mints. Good thing I tried them out. I'm not getting this flavor for my girls' stockings.  These flavors: cinnamon and licorice mint are very adult; great for freshening breathe but not for … [Read more...]