Ice Breakers Duo Fruit+Cool, raspberry & strawberry flavors review

When a hot sensation, like pepper extract, is combined with a cool sensation, like menthol,there can be a tingly effect in the mouth and throat. The new Ice Breakers Duo fruit +cool raspberry is very tingling in the mouth. It is a fun & mouth clearing sensation for the mouth. Ice Breakers new Duo fruit+cool sugar-free mints are all about sensation. 1) texture: a rough fruit side & smooth cool side 2) acids for sour effect 3) cooling & heating sensation for lingering tingle in the throat 4) berry flavor for sweetness 5) Visual: bright colors and "specs" for added freshness apeal My mouth is refreshed and clean after having these mints.  A blogger Mmm...Deliciousness … [Read more...]

Stride Tropical Trance, artificially flavored sugar free gum, Flavor Review

Be careful,because Stride Tropical Trance will hold you captive for a half hour. Tropical Trance has high flavor impact that lasts at least 20-30 minutes. This gum is shocking: high in sour, sweet, tropical flavor and cooling sensation. I'd describe the flavor as a very creamy mango with orange, pineapple, green cucumber and floral notes. The creamy notes are very high and I much prefer this gum after those flavor notes have dissipated. Twenty minutes into chewing Tropical Trance, I find it to be a delicious fruitty berry gum that is cooling. Since I've spent almost 20 years in the flavor business , I do not really like highly flavored food items. I feel I can taste the individual flavor aromatics. In this case it is a lactone, perhaps … [Read more...]