Sensodyne Pronamel Isoactive review

Most of us, as we age, lose some of our teeth's protective enamel layer and have sensitivity. I first noticed sensitivity on the right side of my mouth at the gum line at age 30. At that time, my dentist recommended "sensitive" toothpaste, brushing on the left side on my mouth first, a mechanical toothbrush and fluoride treatment for that area. From a recent Wall Street Journal article about Enamel Saving toothpastes, I gather my problem is a common problem. For sensitivity, I use Sensodyne, it's the toothpaste my dentist recommended years ago and the one he gave me free samples of. Sensitive toothpastes are not inexpensive. Usually, they are approximately 2-3 dollars more a tube. I imagine the Potassium Nitrate at … [Read more...]