Clif Bar Energy bar, Peppermint Stick review

Happy New Year! It's the 2nd of January and if you're like me, you've spent the day cleaning up after the holidays. New Years signifies that it's time to pack away the decorations and  finish all the holiday treats; including the Peppermint Stick Clif Bar I bought at REI for $1.45 four weeks ago. In an earlier life I was an energy bar addict:  I lived at the beach, ran a marathon and played beach volleyball. Energy and protein bars are a convenient, nutritious snack for someone always "on the go" and exercising. Clif bars were my usual morning breakfasts and before workout snack. Currently, my beach volleyball days are on hold; while I live in the Northwest, concentrate on raising a family and taking care of a house. Raking leaves and … [Read more...]

UP2U Mentos Gum MandarinStrawbery/Spearmint Review

This is the 2nd gum flavor pack from UP2U I am reviewing. As previously stated, I love the marketing of this new Mentos gum and find it new, fun & exciting. I wish I could say the same about mandarin strawberry flavor. It's an interesting concept for a gum flavor and seems better suited for an adult beverage. Strawberry lemonade is more mainstream and would most likely taste better. My biggest complaint about the strawberry mandarin flavor is the floral flavor, it made the gum perfumey. There were some green strawberry notes, woody mandarin character and orange follow through, but in general the floral note made it unappealing. The coolness level and lingering sensation was perfect.  At 5-6 minutes into the chew my mouth was … [Read more...]

Sensodyne Pronamel Isoactive review

Most of us, as we age, lose some of our teeth's protective enamel layer and have sensitivity. I first noticed sensitivity on the right side of my mouth at the gum line at age 30. At that time, my dentist recommended "sensitive" toothpaste, brushing on the left side on my mouth first, a mechanical toothbrush and fluoride treatment for that area. From a recent Wall Street Journal article about Enamel Saving toothpastes, I gather my problem is a common problem. For sensitivity, I use Sensodyne, it's the toothpaste my dentist recommended years ago and the one he gave me free samples of. Sensitive toothpastes are not inexpensive. Usually, they are approximately 2-3 dollars more a tube. I imagine the Potassium Nitrate at … [Read more...]