Special K cracker chips, sour cream & onion review

With obesity on the rise, who doesn't want healthier snack options? Kellogg's Special K just launched a new cracker chip baked snack for consumers looking for lower calorie, healthier snack options. Trouble is lower calorie, healthier snack options just don't taste good. Usually, I find problems with the texture, the chips don't crunch right or remind me of styrofoam. ¬†Special K cracker chips have a surprisingly good texture, crispy & crunchy with only the slightest styrofoam character. The taste of the Kellogg's Special K cracker chip, sour cream & onion flavor needs to be fixed, though. ¬† The first chip I tasted wasn't too bad, there were some decent sour cream notes, but when I ate a few I had a bad aftertaste in my mouth. … [Read more...]