Blockchain in Food Supply

Technology for Tracking We have the technology to give us the assurance of knowing and no longer need to rely on trust. In our homes, we have smart devices such as Ring to monitor our front door and myQ Smart Home to check and see if we closed the garage door. Additionally, parents track teens anytime and anywhere using the APPS like find my iPhone and Life 360. In the workplace, we have blockchain technology. It can track a botanical ingredient from seed to sale, so we can monitor it in real time. Blockchain use in Regulated Cannabis Market Blockchain technology, sometimes called traceability, is currently in use by regulators in legal cannabis markets. This technology is a real time data hub … [Read more...]

A Little about Lemon

Lemon flavor is great tasting, simple and environmentally friendly. The lemon oil we use to formulate flavors is extracted from lemon peel by cold pressing it from the rinds. Lemon Oil Typically this oil contains: Limonene: 75%, Citral 10%, as well as Terpinene, alpha-Pinene, beta-Pinene, Heptanal, Octanal, Nonanal, Decanal, Undecanal, l-Linalool, alpha-Terpineol and 4-Terpineol. Citral, however, is the characterizing component of lemon oil. Most people say Citral reminds them of Lemon Pledge®. Flavor chemists carefully select oils that are desireable, fresh and juicy, and not flat, like furniture polish. Stability of Lemon Flavor Lemon flavor has a reputation for being unstable. This is primarily because of Citral, which is … [Read more...]