Quince Gin Fizz Project

The Funk The pandemic still has me down. Or maybe it's the upcoming election that's wearing on me? Anyway, I'm still in a funk. MaryCake tells me she feels "foggy", but I think it's just the funk. The kids are home all day and moms are prioritizing everyone else's needs 24/7. When will the pandemic end? When will we have normal again? And, even though the skies are not full of smoke from fires, we do have an election. One that is likely to lead to unrest; when all I want is normal. Quince Inspiration Inspiration to break this funk came in the way of a blog post about juicy flowers and a fruit called quince. My first experience with quince was a flavor request. I remember asking my colleagues "what is quince". I … [Read more...]

Pomegranate Flavor

I do not get excited about pomegranates. I like them, but they are not special to me. My family has a few pomegranate trees, and I think they are messy and difficult to eat. They make great fall decorations, though. Pomegranates are Messy In the late 1970's, my siblings, the neighbor kids and I made an event out of eating pomegranates. Since my  mom didn't want to clean up a huge mess, she forbid us from eating them in the house. She told us to put on our old clothes and go outside when we wanted to "crack open" a pomegranate. We would smash them on a concrete slab, pick out the seeds (arils), gorge and eventually become annoyed by the slow process of eating a pomegranate. Apples and pears, which also ripen in the fall, were … [Read more...]