Cottonseed or Peanut oil; Deep Fried Turkey review

Institute of Food Technologists When food technologists get together, the topics always center around food and evaluating products. On September 19th 2011 the local Puget Sound Institute of Technologists had a meeting. The topic of the meeting was "Texas Turkey Shootout" and the speaker was an expert in the sensory & nutritional qualities of food oils:  Dr. Clay King, a professor of Food Science at Texas A&M. Dr. King's has a specialty in frying oil, so it was fitting that the topic was "choices of oil to deep fry turkey:  cottonseed or peanut oil". Deep Fried Turkey vs. Roasted Dr. King and a former student, Bradley Scott, rolled up their sleeves and fried the group two turkeys to taste. And a local IFT member prepared an oven … [Read more...]