Land O Lakes all natural Cinnamon Sugar Spread Review

Those of us who have a sweet tooth rarely enjoy toast with just butter, usually it is accompanied with honey, jam or on especially indulgent days: ┬ácinnamon & sugar. Land O Lakes has us with a sweet tooth in mind with their all natural Cinnamon Sugar Spread. The spread has: Cream, sugar, canola oil, water, cinnamon, salt and citric acid. It smells delicious, like a cinnamon roll (woody & cinnamon bark like). I had to spread it generously on my toast to get the desired effect and even then I was slightly disappointed. The cinnamon part was great: ┬álike a cinnamon roll with vanilla icing; but the spread lacked all butter flavor. Cinnamon sugar toast needs to have a generous amount of butter on it, nicely melted to absorb generous … [Read more...]