Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cinnamon Snack’ems™, Review

For $2.99 you can get five 1.05 oz pouches of cereal. That is not very much cereal, considering a small box of Cheerios has over 11 oz in it. These stand up cereal pouches are good for the waistline, but hard on the budget. Quaker Snack'ems™ come in different flavors, including: Cap'n Crunch Berries, Life Apple Cinnamon Crunchtime, Brown Sugar Oatmeal Squares and Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares. Cinnamon Oatmeal Square Snack'ems are impressive. They are perfectly crunchy, malty, seasoned and deliciously sweet. My younger daughter is sure to enjoy these as a snack and I can feel good about feeding them to her.  Snack girl gives her approval on Quaker Oatmeal Squares and rates it as a healthy breakfast … [Read more...]

M&M’s Cinnamon Flavored Chocolate Candies, review

The tag line "M&M's make friends" is one of my favorites.  It describes M&M's brilliantly: colorful, yummy and easy to share. Mars (M&M's parent company) can be relied upon to come up with innovative, delicious new food products.Pretzel M&M's are my favorite new candies and were awarded Product of the Year for snacks in 2011. At a recent visit to Target, I found the newly released Cinnamon flavored M&M. It's interesting that the package has a green M&M's character on the front, because the M&M's in the bag are red, burgundy and dark brown/black.  Oddly enough, there are also different sizes of M&M's: one smaller and larger size of each color. In the sake of research, I evaluated each color and size.  At … [Read more...]