Lay’s Classic BLT (bacon lettuce tomato) flavored potato chips, flavor review

Tomorrow I have a final exam. My typical way to prepare for a big exam is to load up on junk food.  Not smart, but emotionally soothing. Currently my snack of choice is Lay's classic BLT flavored potato chips (all natural).  I'm on my second bag and have mixed feelings about finishing the second bag;  sad because they are gone but happy that I will finally stop eating. Lay's BLT (bacon lettuce tomato) potato chips are amazing and I am in awe. These chips taste exactly like biting into a bacon lettuce tomato sandwich. I can distinctly taste a lightly toasted bread, mayonnaise, fresh tomato and fried bacon flavor. The bacon flavor is distinctly bacon; not just smoke flavor. The BLT flavor is subtle and perfectly balanced for a those of us … [Read more...]