Lab Girl and Eucalyptol

LAB GIRL by Hope Jahren

Depression and anxiety are illnesses that haunt me. Sometimes they demand my undivided attention and other times they merely have an underlying presence in my thoughts. They hurt me, but they also help me develop new ideas. Hope Jahren's new novel, Lab Girl, chronicles her struggles with mental anguish as well as love of lab, science and hard work. In some ways, we are very much alike. We both: were born in 1969 love science and working in a lab are fascinated by nature understand Norwegian culture; having both lived there struggled as females in the science field with few women mentors like to write work too hard have difficulties managing stress and anxiety manage extreme anxiety by chewing hands or nails are … [Read more...]

Colgate Total Advanced fresh+whitening fresh gel, flavor review

Colgate Advanced Fresh + Whitening Gel

An interesting fact about toothpaste is that it's considered a cosmetic product by the FDA. Toothpaste is something we place in our mouth and possibly ingest, but one of it's primary purposes is to freshen breath (cosmetic). Toothpaste without flavor is terrible. I know, I've tried it. It's very soapy and bitter. Usually toothpaste manufacturers add at least 1% flavor (mint oil) to toothpaste for the desired affect. In 2004, I moved to Washington state to work with mint oil. One of the major growing regions for mint in the United States is the Northwest. Approximately 3 million pounds of Peppermint oil are produced annually in the world, with the majority of that oil coming from the United States. The Mint Industry Research Council … [Read more...]

Crest 3D White Vivid, Radiant Mint Review

Crest 3D White Vivid, Radiant Mint

Proctor & Gambles's Crest 3D White line was the most heralded new product in oral care in 2010. I  found this data in the Jan/Feb 2012 Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine ( The reason for its success in the United States is attributed to the fact that it's a part of a  full care oral care regimen. This regimen consists of a toothbrush, an alcohol free whitening mouth rinse ,whitening strips and paste-gel hybrid toothpaste. Per the box; 3D White Vivid toothpaste provides radiant whitening: patented micro-cleansing whiteners to life and polish away surface stains gentle foaming action to clean hard to reach places with regular brushing fights cavities, refreshes mouth and removes plaque use with the Oral B 3D … [Read more...]

Crest Complete Whitening +Scope Citrus Splash Review

Crest Complete+Scope Citrus Splash

Flavoring toothpaste isn't the same as flavoring food products. Number 1, toothpaste isn't ingested and has different regulations than a food product. Number 2, toothpaste is typically basic and most food products are acidic.  Mint oils and especially menthol are extremely stable and hold up well in basic and acidic conditions. Therefore, besides the fact that mint freshens breath, it is a good flavor choice for toothpaste. I imagine, though, that there are some people who want choices and feel like mint toothpaste is too harsh or not pleasant. Recently, Crest complete launched a Citrus Splash flavored toothpaste.   It has an aroma reminiscent of St. Joseph's baby aspirin, a creamy sweet orange flavor. Those of us born in the 1960's, before … [Read more...]

Sensodyne Pronamel Isoactive review


Most of us, as we age, lose some of our teeth's protective enamel layer and have sensitivity. I first noticed sensitivity on the right side of my mouth at the gum line at age 30. At that time, my dentist recommended "sensitive" toothpaste, brushing on the left side on my mouth first, a mechanical toothbrush and fluoride treatment for that area. From a recent Wall Street Journal article about Enamel Saving toothpastes, I gather my problem is a common problem. For sensitivity, I use Sensodyne, it's the toothpaste my dentist recommended years ago and the one he gave me free samples of. Sensitive toothpastes are not inexpensive. Usually, they are approximately 2-3 dollars more a tube. I imagine the Potassium Nitrate at … [Read more...]

Colgate Optic White Sparkling Mint review

paste on brush

Wow! Just one brush with this product and I'm sold. I have a good feeling that my teeth will actually be whiter in 4 weeks. In the past, I have used the expensive whitening strips and have found them effective, but as a busy mom not practical to use. Of course, I've inquired about teeth whitening at the dentist office, but can never justify taking from my kids College fund, just to have brighter teeth. How come I think this toothpaste will make my teeth whiter? After all, I only brushed one time with it. My reasoning is that it leaves a taste in my mouth just like the whitening strips, but not as unpleasant. Silly, huh, that it reminds me of a product that works to whiten teeth, I feel confident that it will whiten teeth. It's the way … [Read more...]