Blue Diamond Toasted Coconut Flavored Almonds, Flavor Review


Coconut evokes memories of palm trees and fresh-cut coconut served roadside in Hawaii. Just seeing the coconut and palm tree picture on the Blue Diamond toasted coconut flavor almonds relaxes me. Or maybe I’m relaxed because I’m on a plane headed to Maui? Those of us that love coconut might have memories of eating authentic coconut beachside while others might associate coconut with cosmetic items such as suntan lotion. The reality is that not everyone likes coconut as a flavor and that some despise it. Coconut is a polarizing flavor. Since I love coconut flavor, it’s difficult to understand why some people hate it. When I taste a product like Blue Diamond toasted coconut almonds, I understand why some people despise coconut. It’s not … [Read more...]

Dole Fruit Crisp, Peach Review

Dole Fruit Crisp, Peach

I regularly stock fruit cups and applesauce cups for the kids. These items are healthy, convenient snacks and meal sides. Recently, I saw a new item on the shelf in this section. This item is Dole Fruit Crisp.  I was turned off by the amount of packaging the product required and the message it sent: "fruit crisp is difficult to prepare; therefore we'll make it for you".  Once I tried the product and saw my child's response, I understood the advantage. It's easy, good and has nutritious ingredients.   A great snack or breakfast to have on hand for a child. Basically, this is a fruit filling cup (thickened with starch) that can be heated and served with an oat topping (oats, brown sugar, sunflower oil, flour, spices, lecithin, flavor and … [Read more...]

Clif Bar Energy bar, Peppermint Stick review

Clif Bar, Peppermint Stick flavor

Happy New Year! It's the 2nd of January and if you're like me, you've spent the day cleaning up after the holidays. New Years signifies that it's time to pack away the decorations and  finish all the holiday treats; including the Peppermint Stick Clif Bar I bought at REI for $1.45 four weeks ago. In an earlier life I was an energy bar addict:  I lived at the beach, ran a marathon and played beach volleyball. Energy and protein bars are a convenient, nutritious snack for someone always "on the go" and exercising. Clif bars were my usual morning breakfasts and before workout snack. Currently, my beach volleyball days are on hold; while I live in the Northwest, concentrate on raising a family and taking care of a house. Raking leaves and … [Read more...]

Blue Diamond Natural Oven Roasted Almonds, Butter Toffee Flavor review

Natural oven roasted almonds, butter toffee flavor

These natural butter toffee flavored roasted almonds are delicious and healthy. A great snack option for those of us with new year resolutions of eating better and losing weight. A great feature of these almonds is their handy serving size measurements on the side of the container. You can see how much you are eating or portion the servings out accordingly. Besides being able to judge serving size correctly, these almonds are deliciously sweet & satisfying without much sugar. Stevia is a sweetener in these almonds. Usually, I find stevia (a natural high potency sweetener) disagreeable with a bitter aftertaste. In these Blue Diamond butter toffee almonds, there are no off notes or a lingering bitter aftertaste. The sweetness level is … [Read more...]