Eggo® Waffles Seasons: Pumpkin Spice, limited edition, Flavor Review

Eggo Seasons, Pumpkin Spice

I love how the house smells when I bake a pumpkin pie. It brings back good memories of Thanksgiving with family: my parents healthy & energetic, my grandmother managing the event and my cousins & siblings playing our annual flag football game. Our sense of smell is the strongest sense of memory. "When nothing else subsists from the past, after the people are dead, after the things are broken and scattered· the smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls· bearing resiliently" -Marcel Proust "The Remembrance of Things Past" Eggo® waffles has captured my Thanksgiving memories with their limited edition pumpkin spice waffle. Pumpkin Spice is one of my favorite flavors, but not until I smelled the pumpkin spice … [Read more...]

Ghirardelli Chocolate Triple Fudge Brownie Mix, Review

Ghirardelli Triple Fudge brownie mix

After the Elementary school's Spring carnival, my husband banned all baked goods from our house. He was disgusted with the amount of sweets and baked goods our children consumed during those few hours and irritated with the behavioral issues that stemmed from the bad nutrition. A few days after the carnival, my local IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) had a meeting at Continental Mills (the manufacturer of bake mix brands Ghirardelli brownie and Krusteaz).  John Heily,president of Continental Mills, gave an excellent overview of the company: it's origin, growth and future. He also gave the group of local food professionals a new brownie mix, Ghirardelli Triple Fudge Brownie Mix, to take home and try. My husband still has not lifted … [Read more...]

Nature Valley 100% natural, Protein Chewy bars review

Nature Valley Protein chewy bars

There were two new Nature Valley chewy bars in the grocery store last week:  Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and Peanut as well as Almond and Dark Chocolate. The last breakfast snack (belVita Breakfast biscuits) I choose lacked protein, these Nature Valley bars with 10 grams of protein might redeem me. The peanut butter dark chocolate naturally flavored bar was eaten quickly in the car, while drinking a latte. It was confusing: lots of peanut butter flavor, slightly sweet, very chewy with a lingering aftertaste. The fullness of the product seemed to be missing. My expectations were that the bar would be extremely nutty, very sweet and crunchy as well as chewy. After all, the bars appeared to be packed with nuts. When I read the … [Read more...]

belVita Breakfast Biscuits, review

belVita Crackers

A new breakfast goodie, belVita! I saw these on the end display at my local Albertsons and decided to pick up a few boxes. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I've enjoyed Newton Fruit Thins for breakfast and thought the box of belVita Crackers looked healthier and purer. In case my mom is reading, relax, I am I taking care of myself.  I eat the fruit thins with a banana and low-fat yogurt for breakfast. The belVita blueberry breakfast biscuits taste suspiciously like the blueberry Fruit Thins that I love. (  Belvita and Newton Fruit Thins are both manufactured by Kraft foods.  Perhaps they both use the same blueberry flavor? They both use similar raw … [Read more...]

Pretzel Crisps review, white chocolate & peppermint flavored

White Chocolate Pretzel Crisps with Peppermint

These yummy pretzels were another good find at Target. I honestly didn't think too much of them when I saw them. Pretzels and peppermint don't sound good.  However, it was nearly impossible to stop eating these Pretzel Crisps once I started. They were so good.  The buttery crisp, salty pretzel blends well with the sweet, milky creamy vanilla coating. The cool, sweet peppermint candy compliments the buttery creaminess perfectly. Interestingly enough, no FD&C colors were used in this snack. The manufacturer, Snack Factory, used beet juice for coloring in the peppermint candy. Traditionally, FD&C colors are used in candy, they are brighter, stronger, easier to use, and less expensive. Lately, consumers are looking for more natural … [Read more...]

Wheat Thins Sweet Cinnamon Limited Edition review

Sweet Cinnamon Wheat Thins Limited Edition

Tis the season. Along with the holidays come mint, cinnamon, and egg nog flavored goodies. Wheat Thins is celebrating by stocking the shelves with  a sweet cinnamon flavored cracker. My first thought was, Wheat Thins are so delicious, why ruin them?  After a bit, I concluded that the slight sweetness of a wheat thin cracker might go well with cinnamon and sugar a decided to buy some. Strangely enough, cinnamon sugar and wheat are a nice flavor combination.  As one reviewer stated, like crossing a churro with a wheat thin. I agree. When I first put a cinnamon flavored wheat thin in my mouth I get a nice burst of cinnamon & sugar enhanced with a slight salty character. A pinch of salt … [Read more...]

Newton Fruit Thins Blueberry Brown Sugar Review

Newton Fruit Thins Blueberry Brown Sugar

My family likes Fig Newtons and when I saw these cookies at the store, I decided we needed to try them out. Fruit Thins aren't  a thing like Fig Newtons, except that they have nutritional value and are tasty like Newtons.  Some of the ingredients in these thins are whole grain flour, oats, dry blueberries, flax-seed and fructose. The box of Fruit Thins advertises 8 grams of whole grain per serving. When I opened the package, there was a strong banana bread aroma. Pleasant, but not what I expected with a blueberry brown sugar cookie.  The cookies had a cracker appearance and crispy texture. When I tasted them, the flavor was distinctly blueberry, like the Special K Kelloggs blueberry fruit crisps.  The blueberry flavor is very fruity and … [Read more...]

Fudge Covered Ritz, Limited Edition Review

ritzcracker fudge

Some people look forward to Christmas or their birthday, I look forward to chocolate enrobing day at the flavor lab. An enrober is a machine used to melt chocolate so that it can coat candy centers, nuts, crackers, caramel, marshmallow, etc. The process of enrobing involves placing the items on the enrober's feed band (conveyor belt) and passing them under a waterfall of chocolate that completely coats them. After being coated, the conveyor belt transports the item to a place where it can be cooled. Seldom do I run the enrober, but the applications manager (affectionately called the candy lady) usually allows other lab members to bring in snacks to coat with the extra chocolate.  Some brazen lab members bring a spoon to place under the … [Read more...]