Extra Dessert Delights sugarfree gum Apple Pie review

Extra Dessert Delights sugarfree gum Apple Pie

It's never easy to have a holiday weekend come to an end. Personally, I celebrated with two dinners and lots of left overs. Celebrating involved gorging. There was ham, turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, cranberries,  fresh rolls, appetizers, cheese plates, spinach dip, pumpkin pie and apple pie. My recovery plan is lots of water, exercise and healthy, low-calorie food. It's going to be difficult to resist the homemade apple pie I have in the fridge, though. Thankfully, Wrigley has my back and came out with the gum line Extra Dessert Delights sugar-free gum. One of their more recent launches is apple pie. I love apple pie, but will it be good as a chewing gum flavor? Well, Extra gum isn't AS good as apple pie, but it is … [Read more...]

UP2U Mentos Gum MandarinStrawbery/Spearmint Review

UP2U Mandarin Strawberry Spearmint

This is the 2nd gum flavor pack from UP2U I am reviewing. As previously stated, I love the marketing of this new Mentos gum and find it new, fun & exciting. I wish I could say the same about mandarin strawberry flavor. It's an interesting concept for a gum flavor and seems better suited for an adult beverage. Strawberry lemonade is more mainstream and would most likely taste better. My biggest complaint about the strawberry mandarin flavor is the floral flavor, it made the gum perfumey. There were some green strawberry notes, woody mandarin character and orange follow through, but in general the floral note made it unappealing. The coolness level and lingering sensation was perfect.  At 5-6 minutes into the chew my mouth was … [Read more...]

Dentyne Pure Mint with Citrus Accents review

Dentyne Pure Mint with Citrus accents

"Practice Safe Breath"?  It seems like a strange tagline, but this new Dentyne Pure does what it claims: my mouth feels very clean & refreshed after chewing. Dentyne Pure Mint with Citrus Accents is a dragee style gum (candy coated pellet) and has a soft liquid center that is bluish-green (like the package). Because this line of gum "purifies your breath", it is called Dentyne Pure. The unique item about this gum is that it has a blend of botanical extracts. I am guessing this blend of extracts is "Neutrafresh". It is not clear what "Neutrafresh" is. I didn't ask those closest to me if my breath was clean after chewing, but I felt like I had fresh breath. Mint with Citrus accents is a delicious gum. I can't say that I get much … [Read more...]

Trident Splashing Fruit review

Trident Splashing Fruit Gum

My eight year old told me, "actually this gum is pretty good" and that basically sums it up.    Trident Splashing Fruit is a yellow gum with red flavor crystals and the aroma is much like fruit punch, wonderfully citrusy up front with hints of  fruity notes underneath.  The first taste impression I got of this gum was sweet.   As I chewed, it got tangy and cool (not minty), but the syrupy sweetness lingered for several minutes.   No wonder my eight year old likes this gum.  This is a very sweet gum. My impression of the flavor is that it is a mango flavor, very creamy, sweet and tropical.  I am amazed at  how long the flavor lasts and how the sweetness caries through.   There is a coolness in the gum that tingles in my throat and … [Read more...]

Extra SmoothMint sugar free gum review

Smooth Mint

When I saw this new Extra gum at the store, I was not excited. Lately, Extra has launched new dessert gums and those have been fun: Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Pie, Key Lime Pie...Yum! Compared to those gums, smooth mint sounded bland. The package seemed unexciting, especially after just reviewing the new Stride Shaun White gum. The aroma of this Extra gum was not impressive. It was mentholic and minty with a slight dirty, ashy note. When I started chewing the gum, though, my opinion changed and I found this gum impressively smooth and minty. The gum had a slightly creamy, fruity  undertone that subtly smoothed the cool mentholic peppermint.   The creamy fruitiness lingered for an "extra long time" and kept the usual bitter/burning … [Read more...]

Stride Whitemint Gum (Shaun White) review

Stride Shaun White

It's common in the fragrance industry to have a perfume created for a specific celebrity. Rarely does this happen in the food and flavor industry. It's exciting to see a gum specifically created for Shaun White. What parent doesn't want their kid aspiring to be an Olympic gold medal athlete like Shaun White? As a parent of a child who had several surgeries before age 5, I'm inspired  that Shaun had two heart surgeries at a very young age and still went on to become one of our country's best athletes. What is Whitemint flavor? When I took the cellophane wrapper off the gum package, I was hit with a strong wintergreen flavor that was sweet & creamy. Wintergreen is a popular flavor in the United States and I always enjoy this flavor. In … [Read more...]

UP2U Mentos Gum (Fresh Mint/Berry Watermelon) review

Fresh mint and berry watermelon

Good thing I learned to text, or I might not understand what UP2U meant. I'm technical, but occasionally behind the times, preferring to talk rather than text. This gum is definitely youthful & fun. The first pack I tried was the Fresh Mint Berry Watermelon mix. When I took the gum out of the cellophane wrapping, I was overcome with aroma (creamy peppermint with some sour fruity character). I knew the flavor was going to be strong. My first impression of the Fresh mint was melon and bitter. I wanted more sweet minty character in the gum, it seemed too bitter. Several minutes into chewing, coolness hit me on the back of my throat and top of mouth. Initially, I would describe the mint flavor as mentholic (one-dimensional, medicinal … [Read more...]

My thoughts on Children & Sugar Free Gum

Sugar free gum

I spent the last 7 years of my life primarily working on flavoring chewing gum. You wouldn't think chewing gum could occupy so much time, but it's an important market.  Chewing gum is typically composed of the following ingredients: flavors (1-3%) sweetener (60-80%) softeners (a small amount of glycerine or oil) gum base 20-30%  (rubber) As a parent and a flavor scientist who chewed 5-15 pieces of sugar-free gum a day, I have some concern over the ingredients in sugar-free gum. Sorbitol, the majority of the sweetener in sugar-free gum is my largest concern. I suffered many a day from gastrointestinal distress as a result of sorbitol. 10 grams/day for an adult  is enough to induce a laxative effect on the body. Therefore 8-10 … [Read more...]