Jelly Belly Dips review, Orange Flavored

Jelly Belly Chocolate Dips Orange

Dark chocolate covered candied orange peel is one of my favorite treats.  A peely orange flavor goes amazingly well with a good dark chocolate. When I saw that Jelly Belly had a similar flavor combination, Orange Chocolate Dips, I gave them a try. I was not disappointed, these Jelly Belly Orange Dips are amazing, I'm impressed. There is a very high load of sharp peely orange in the gelatin center. A juicy, sweet, fruity orange flavor would not be as good chocolate covered. The dark chocolate use to coat the gelatin center has good strong bittersweet chocolate character. Sometimes chocolate used in confections is inferior and has a waxy, chalky and powdery character. The ingredient statement on the beans is very "clean" and pure/natural … [Read more...]

M&M’s Cinnamon Flavored Chocolate Candies, review

Cinnamon Flavored M&M's (size & color variety)

The tag line "M&M's make friends" is one of my favorites.  It describes M&M's brilliantly: colorful, yummy and easy to share. Mars (M&M's parent company) can be relied upon to come up with innovative, delicious new food products.Pretzel M&M's are my favorite new candies and were awarded Product of the Year for snacks in 2011. At a recent visit to Target, I found the newly released Cinnamon flavored M&M. It's interesting that the package has a green M&M's character on the front, because the M&M's in the bag are red, burgundy and dark brown/black.  Oddly enough, there are also different sizes of M&M's: one smaller and larger size of each color. In the sake of research, I evaluated each color and size.  At … [Read more...]

Candy Cane Tootsie Pop Drops, Peppermint Flavor review

Candy Can Tootsie Pop Drops Peppermint Flavor

There is absolutely no way a person can run into Target for one thing and hurry back out. Target has made their store too enjoyable. Even if you don't end up buying anything, it seems you always can spend half an hour looking. The biggest distraction at their store is their seasonal department. I can always count on Target to stock all the new & interesting items at a good price. Last week, I had to stop by Target for some cleaning spray and craft supplies and ended up spending 20 minutes in the seasonal department choosing new candies to taste. Candy Cane Tootsie Pop Drops, Peppermint flavor, caught my eye immediately. I had to try them. Whoops, wait a minute, there is also Peppermint Tootsie Pop lollipops. Since I'm an adult, I'll … [Read more...]

Tic Tac Holiday Twist Limited Edition Mints Review

Tic Tac Holiday Twist mints

At the holidays, as a parent, it's my time to relive my youth. Last year, I got my girls a Barbie house with an elevator, something I've wanted since I was a little girl. This year, we've moved to electronic toys, but there is a Lego set and doll that I am excited to play with. I'm giddy with excitement and I'm busy choosing all the perfect treats for my girls stockings. They love sweets and I'm choosing a few small fun items for Christmas morning. Since they are both Tic Tac fans, like I was at their age, I tried out some of the Holiday Twist Tic Tacs mints. Good thing I tried them out. I'm not getting this flavor for my girls' stockings.  These flavors: cinnamon and licorice mint are very adult; great for freshening breathe but not for … [Read more...]

TIC TACs Limited Edition Pink Grapefruit review

Limited Edition

Tic Tacs are a fond memory of my youth. Sometimes my mom would let me get a box of orange Tic Tacs at the grocery store, my favorite as a kid.   As I got older, my taste changed and I would get the original mint (white) ones. Tic Tacs are delicious.  I enjoy how the outside coating is sweet & flavorful and the inside is more intense. The Pink Grapefruit Tic Tacs follow suit. The outside pink layer of the candy has a nice, sweet and distinct citrus like flavor (almost orangey),  while the inside is sour, slightly bitter, cool and tingly. There is also a hint of a creamy coconut that rounds the flavor out and presents the mouth with a full  flavor. Overall, these candies are mouth-watering and refreshing.   The only problem I see is … [Read more...]