Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water, all natural ingredients, Flavor Review

Taste Nirvana Real Coconut water

Who doesn't like a freebie? Taste Nirvana offered to send me their coconut water to review and I gladly accepted. Demi Moore, Salma Hayek  and other popular movie stars are fans of coconut water. Most of us, though, don't have a palate for this newly popular beverage. Coconut water isn't delicious.  It is usually dry, bland and a little "cooked". Coconut water is popular because it is refreshing, hydrating and loaded with electrolytes. Coconut water comes from tropical countries. Taste Nirvana is from Thailand, VitaCoco from the Philippines, Naked Juice & O.N.E. from Brazil. Taste Nirvana is unique in that it uses the famous sweet coconuts from the Nakorn Pathom province in Thailand. Soil, growing conditions and cultivation make a … [Read more...]

Snapple Half ‘n Half Diet Lemonade Iced Tea, flavor review

Diet Snapple Half 'n Half

According to BevNet, bottled mixed lemonade and iced tea has been a popular new release in the last year: AriZona, Marley, New Leaf, Herbal Mist, Ito En and now Snapple.   http://www.bevnet.com/news/2012/snapple-launches-diet-half-n-half-lemonade-iced-tea However, Snapple's Half 'n Half is a mix of not just lemonade and black tea. Snapple is a mix of black and green tea with lemonade and it is a diet drink. Admittedly, I have never purchased a pre-made bottled iced tea lemonade blend. Usually, I make my own at the soda fountain. My preference is for about 75% unsweetened ice tea and 25% lemonade. Diet Snapple Half 'n Half isn't as good as my concoction.  The lemonade in Snapple Half 'n Half seems too green and peel like (I'd prefer a … [Read more...]

Starbucks Refreshers, Sparkling Energy Beverage with green coffee extract, flavor review

Starbucks Refreshers

Starbucks RefreshersLike most moms, I survived the new baby/full-time work phase with lots of caffeine. Coffee is my beverage of choice for "energy". Energy drinks are popular and most flavor chemists have made flavors and energy blends for these beverages. In early 2000, I copied Red Bull (TM) flavor for a successful bar drink. My flavor memory of Red Bull (TM) was cherry cough syrup. It is shocking to find out that Red Bull and Vodka is served at bars (combination of upper and downer drugs), but maybe not so different than the Cola mixed drinks I had become accustomed to. Through my career, I've created other flavors for energy drinks: passionfruit, orange, and melon; then I moved on to confection flavors. On a recent trip to Target, … [Read more...]

Silk Fruit & Protein all natural juice blend, Strawberry Banana review & Non-Gmo Project

Silk Fruit & Protein juice blend

Silk beverages come with a "Love it Guarantee or your money back". There is no risk in trying the new Silk Fruit & Protein juice beverage. My family doesn't want our money back,we love it, especially my 5 year old.  She had 2 cups on her first try, with her only complaint the lack of bright pink color. As her mommy, though, I was relieved to see the more natural light pink hue in the soy milk. The lack of neon pink color meant to me that the product is colored with natural fruit and vegetable extracts. The strawberry banana flavor came across as extremely tart with a high amount of jammy strawberry flavor. The beverage was lacking banana flavor, but had a nice sweet vanilla note that came out at the end. I found that the beverage was … [Read more...]

Bacon Shake from Jack in the Box, flavor review

I love you more than bacon

It's Valentine's day. I've been married over 10 years and my sweet husband still thinks of me every year at Valentines: buys me nice presents and takes me out. I can't imagine life with out him and feel secure that he feels similar. Reality is, though, I don't think I can ever expect him to claim "I love you more than bacon". Bacon, after all, is his favorite food and he'd eat it for every meal, if it wasn't for the poor nutritional value. Would he marry bacon? That's silly, but fun. My entire family loves the new Jack in the Box advertising campaign "If you like bacon so much, why don't you marry it?" (www.marrybacon.com).  My daughters laugh uncontrollably at the commercial "make it official; you may now eat the bride". Jack in the … [Read more...]

SOBE lifewater Pacific Coconut with coconut water, review

Sobe lifewater Pacific Coconut with coconut water

It's good to see a beverage manufacturer providing a solution for the unpleasant tasting coconut water on the market. Last year I reviewed Zico pineapple & citrus flavored coconut water and was impressed with how I felt (amazingly refreshed & hydrated), but could hardly manage to drink the entire beverage. Coconut water has bitter rancid fat note that I find unappealing. My thoughts are that coconut water needs some sugar or sweetener to mask the bitter rancid flavor. The team at Sobe beverage must have thought the same thing. Because lifewater with coconut water contains sugar and Reb A (a natural high potency sweetner from Stevia extract). Sobe beverage also decided to lower the amount of coconut water, from 100% to 10%. This … [Read more...]

Cheribundi Ginger Cherry Juice review

Cheribundi Ginger Cherry juice

Tart cherry juice is all the rage this year! Exotic super fruit juices (acai berry, mangosteen) are losing ground to local fruits and berries. I'm delighted with this trend and excited to try some of the new juice beverages in the fresh produce section. One of these juice products is Cheribundi's Ginger Cherry juice. The cherry juice in this beverage is advertised as coming from 50 cherries and not from concentrate. There is no added water on the ingredient statement, and the ingredient statement reads (in descending order): tart cherry juice, apple juice (from concentrate), ginger juice and natural flavors. Cherry ginger is a new flavor combination. There exists one other beverage: a cherry ginger soda from Reed and several recipes … [Read more...]

Activate Vitamin Performance Beverage, Fruit Punch review

after shaking

It's Monday and it can be difficult to get motivated and going.  The Activate Vitamin Performance beverage is a perfect choice for a review on a Monday. Activate Vitamin beverage has a unique delivery system: a powdered drink in the red cap that you must "twist, shake, activate". The tag line for Activate Performance beverage is "a turn for the better". The advantage of this beverage over typical vitamin beverages on the market is that the vitamins in Activate are held under dark, dry conditions. Vitamins dispersed in water and exposed to light are subject to degradation (reducing effectiveness). Activate Vitamin beverage is packed with vitamins. One bottle has the following nutrients: Vitamin A  37.5%     Vitamin E   37.5%     Niacin … [Read more...]

Silk all natural soymilk, Mint Chocolate review

Silk all natural soymilk, mint chocolate

I'm a fan of Silk soymilk products. Silk's soymilk vanilla creamer is delicious and amazing in coffee.  Silk soymilk mint chocolate sounded like something my girls might like (since they love Westsoy's mint chocolate soymilk); so I gave it a try. I did not look at the ingredients or label closely and later realized that it was sweetened with Stevia. Stevia tends to be bitter and have a lingering aftertaste. I was hopeful that this product would taste good, since it was the Silk brand and it contained evaporated cane juice as well as Stevia.  Silk soymilk mint chocolate is pretty good as a cold beverage: creamy, sweet, nice mint flavor, low soy notes; but it is lacking in fullness & chocolate flavor. Unfortunately, my daughters don't … [Read more...]

Bigelow Tea Eggnogg’n Review

Bigelow Eggnogg'n Tea, An "Eggceptional" Winter Tea

Since moving to the Northwest seven years ago, I have become a huge tea fan. In the mornings, I allow myself one coffee drink and then switch to tea. I prefer tea with flavor, sweetener and milk.   Therefore, hearty comfort flavored teas are my favorite. Recently, at my local Albertson's, I found Eggnogg'n tea from Bigelow.  I've enjoyed a cup every morning since.  I prepare it with one packet of splenda and two tablespoons of light egg nog and find it very satisfying. Unfortunately, the flavor isn't too much like egg nog.  Personally, I find egg nog to have fruity rum notes, with vanilla, nutmeg and cream character.  There is little rum or nutmeg flavor in Eggnogg'n tea from Bigelow.   The tea is very buttery, caramelized and sweet, … [Read more...]