About Susie

I am a flavor chemist, food scientist, wife and mom.  My undergraduate degree is from University of California, Davis in Food Science and my masters degree is in Food Safety from Michigan State University.

Welcome to my blog where I share my knowledge of the materials used to develop food flavors. If you have questions, contact me at susie@flavorscientist.com.

I am a certified flavor chemist in the United States Society of Flavor Chemists. My training included recognizing & identifying aromas (like Rosemary, Cardamom, Orange, Lemon). Sometimes, by smelling the essential oil of a spice or plant, I can tell what county or region a particular item is grown.

I blog with hopes of raising money to support a charity that is very important to my heart: Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.  My child is a survivor and it’s the deadliest form of cancer to children.  We need more successful treatment options for these children that suffer.