Mango Flavor

Mott’s Apple Mango Juice Packs

The juice pack aisle at the grocery store is boring. So, when I saw Mott’s 100% juice apple MANGO juice packs, I ignored the $4.88 price tag and grabbed a box to take home. I smiled pushing my cart through the grocery store thinking “finally, a juice pack my kid will be excited about”.

Will My Kids Like it?

My daughter only likes apple, mango, mango peach and POG (Passionfruit Orange Guava) juices. The others are “too sour”. Therefore, I was hopeful when I asked how she liked the apple mango juice. Not surprisingly, her response was: “it’s not very good, do not pack it in my lunch again”.

Juices with mango in the description that my family finds acceptable include:

  • R.W. Knudsen Family Organic Mango Nectar
  • Langer’s Apple Peach Mango
  • Dole Orange Peach Mango Juice

Other brands of mango nectar (besides R.W. Knudsen) are too “thick” and other flavors of mango drinks have been deemed “no-good” by my kid. She is picky, but mango is also a difficult flavor to do right.

For me, the obvious issue with this juice is that there is too much mango flavor for an Apple Mango juice. Mango needs to be blended with a juice that compliments it, like peach, otherwise mango is too dominant.

Besides the flavor blend not being synchronized, the mango flavor was too creamy. Creamy mango is better suited for ice cream or smoothies.

Substances in Mango Flavor

In developing a mango flavor for ice cream,¬†lactones, brown sugar and butter components are useful. In contrast, a mango for a beverage benefits from many of the same aromatics found in most fruits: benzaldehyde, iso Amyl acetate, ethyl-2-methyl butyrate, linalool, butyric acid and leaf alcohol. These compounds are “fruity” so to add mango character, a very small amount of para-metha-8-thiol-3-one (PMT) is useful. It is sulfury and a bit “fuzzy” and useful in¬†peach flavor as well, hence the synergy.

Terpenes, like myrcene or beta-pinene also have quite a bit of fuzzy mango character and are often a large portion of a mango flavor. Unfortunately, terpenes can be difficult to keep solubilized in beverages because they polymerize over time. Myrcene also has some safety concerns. Flavors high in terpenes should be run by the regulatory department for approval as well as studied in application.

I have not given up hope on the juice pack aisle and will keep looking. For now, these Apple Mango juice packs are off to the food bank.




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