Tazo Tea Vanilla Bean Macaron

Stomach issues and weight gain have forced me to seek medical advice on my diet and exercise routine. I’m nearing 50, so it’s time to admit I that I do not have an iron stomach anymore. An occupational therapist is helping me find a good “routine” and adjust my diet to suit my nutritional needs. I’ve also connected with fitness advisors that offer similar services.

After a few weeks, we determined I should eat smaller, more frequent nutritionally dense meals to avoid sugar cravings and prevent overeating treats.

I like treats, so thankfully, I’ve been told desserts are just fine (in moderation).

Desserts are everywhere. They are even in the tea and coffee isle at the supermarket:


This trend of adding dessert flavors to traditional items needs to stop. For example, look at the yogurt isle, it’s ridiculous. Who really wants their yogurt to taste like mint, s’mores, butter crunch or coffee brownies?  I mean, wouldn’t you rather enjoy dark chocolate with red wine than yogurt?

Chobani Flip Yogurt

FAGE Crossovers Yogurt

Chobani Flip Yogurt







I decided to buy the Tazo Tea Vanilla Bean Macaron. My plan was to post negative thoughts on social media. When you get old and your stomach hurts, you get cranky and spiteful.

I brought the tea home and tried it. It’s good. In fact, it’s a true work of art.

It reminded me a bit of sugar cookie sleigh ride from Celestial Herbal tea, except it was not “flat” and disappointing. Somehow the developer of this product was able to blend the black tea and creamy French vanilla flavor to a perfect balance. Unlike the sugar cookie tea, where I got  a strong burst of flavor which died to nothing, the Vanilla Bean Macaron tea slowly released in your mouth, not too much vanilla, the right buttery creaminess, then a nice follow through with a mellow black tea note. The package advertised “a dash of cinnamon”, but if it is there, it is subtle. Perhaps just enough cinnamon to enhance the sweetness of the tea?

I added a small bit of my favorite creamer, Silk Vanilla soy creamer, to the tea and thought, I can change my ways. Maybe I’ll even open my mind to trying one of the dessert yogurts?

Nah, I’m not ready for dessert yogurts. Are you?


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  1. Ah good luck!! I have managed to mostly avoid dessert yogurts, my in laws are Balkan so dessert yogurt is sacrilege. But non-dessert dessert-flavored offerings are so tempting! Regarding your previous post on birthday cake flavor I have to say anything with birthday cake flavor and sprinkles is an odd weakness of mine (even though its such a simple flavor). Thanks for the post!