Good Food

We all have interest in our food tasting good. We bake, fry, ferment, grill, etc. foods to improve its taste. We share recipes, seek out good restaurants, watch cooking shows, follow food bloggers and invest in our kitchens to make our food taste good. After all, food not only sustains us, it provides connection and delights our senses.

A Personal Decision

Even though food is a noun (substance), food is also very personal and evokes an emotional response.  What makes food so personal?

  1. Medical differences, some people have sensitivities (ie. intolerance, allergies, reactions).
  2. Ethics, some people practice religion that condone certain food substances, for example shellfish is not kosher. Others choose to be vegetarian because of their love for animals.
  3. Culturally, people have different diets based on the foods that are readily accessible in their country. For example, in Norway, we had potatoes everyday and often fish or lamb as a protein source.
  4. Connection, we often associate certain foods with experiences from childhood.  Most of us prefer the food our mothers served.  For example, “the” scene from Ratatouille.
  5. Connection, it creates common bonding experiences between friends.
  6. It is often how we show love, such as a parent nurturing a child by cooking a favorite meal.
  7. It can be a source of excitement or fun, such as a new novelty food item.
  8. Health reasons, some people believe food can be a medicine or drug.
  9. Mental reasons, some people use food to cope with feelings.

Category 7, lead me to pursue an over 15 year career developing new food products. Category 1 and 6, lead me to get a masters in food safety and pursue a career in public health.


I do not believe food is healthy or unhealthy or can cure illness. I believe if we eat a varied, nutritious diet, food causes no harm. However, if that food is grown, held or prepared in an unsanitary fashion, it could cause illness.

Food should bring joy, but for some people it brings pain. For some, emotions are tied so strongly to food, that they cope with unpleasant feelings with food.

In 2018, my plan is to continue reviewing flavors/aromas in products.

There, I said it, so I am committed.

  • I hope to again connect with others and make new friends by discussing food and flavors.
  • I hope being transparent and truthful will help those seeking knowledge on the food they purchase.

And, with that I’ll end on a personal note. 2017 was a rough year for me and my family. I stopped working 9-5 to pay more attention to my family. I like working, so it has not been an easy transition. To keep a routine, I volunteer at the food bank and bring my girls when they are not busy in school. We love the food bank and know it makes a positive difference for people in the community (both the volunteers and clients). Kindness is celebrated there.

Thurston County Food Bank-Kindness Quotes

Kindness Quotes

Some of my favorite quotes from the Thurston County Food Bank Kindness Board.

  • “No act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” (Aesop)
  • “Ah, kindness. What a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in the world” (Alison Malee)
  • “The heart that gives, gathers” (Tao Te Ching)





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