My husband says I do not like change, but he’s not right.

Since I like new ideas and foods, I believe change is good. However, he might be right, because it is the variety that appeals to me. Change doesn’t always feel safe to me.

Working as a flavor chemist provides variety. There are always new ideas for food products, new flavors and cost reductions. Unfortunately, I last landed a flavor chemist position with relentless, repetitive cost reductions projects. Therefore, to find variety, I got my masters in Food Safety and opened the doors to new opportunities. Change.

I find food safety very interesting, especially during outbreak response. Discovering which food product is getting people sick and how to stop it quickly is exciting. I feel like a detective when there is an outbreak investigation. Animals, as well as pets can get sick and die because of the foods they eat. Often times animal illnesses can result from errors with production; for example a batch of food is made with the wrong ratio of vitamins and minerals.

Because of their nutritional needs, our pets typically do not have much variety in their diet. But, there is “variety” in flavor types. Pet owners like me can choose “filet mignon or grilled salmon steak”. My cats can’t read the label or understand me when I tell them about the new flavor, but I often  wonder if they can taste the difference. It’s difficult to know, since they readily eat everything I serve them (as well as flies, spiders, birds, grass, mice and the scraps that can be found on the kitchen floor).

Kizzy Bautista

Kizzy Bautista








Minnie Bautista

Minnie Bautista










As people, we have access to huge variety in our diet. Animals do not always have this luxury.

We are told to “Eat the Rainbow”; a diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables of different colors. Naturally, this makes me think about the meals I cook and provide for my family. Are they too routine?  How often do I introduce a new vegetable to a meal?

I need to make some changes and seek out variety.  I’m going to try some new things, I’m ok with change, although, I’m a bit anxious to deal with my family’s response. If you have some meal ideas that go over well in your family, please share. I’m seeking out a bit of variety….safely.

Newest meal idea-rice, bean bowl



  1. have you tried fenugreek, boiled potato mixed .
    it is called methi aaloo in India.

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