Apricot Tea

Apricot Tea

Apricot Tea

On a recent weekend get-away to Victoria, I encountered apricot tea at Murchies Tea & Coffee. Their apricot honey vanilla tea latte is out of this world.

We do not have Murchies in the States, so I purchased a box of 50 apricot tea bags to take home with me. That was a mistake, I should have bought a case.

Since that day, I have forgone my usual English Breakfast tea for an apricot tea with soy vanilla creamer. Murchie’s apricot tea is not too fruity or sour like an herbal tea, but has a sweet, creamy, sweet apricot flavor tea nicely enhanced by black tea flavor.

My husband tasted a sip of my apricot honey vanilla tea latte during our visit to Murchies. The sip ended up being “sharing”. I did not willingly share, but since he bought it for me, I did my best to be polite.

He has indicated to me that he enjoyed apricot tea and would want one if I made some. I have managed to hold off sharing by informing him that Murchie’s apricot tea is not an herbal tea and has caffeine. Basically, I want it all to myself.

I feel better now that I’ve made that confession.

While I’m at it, I should also confess that I do not know how to make a REALLY good apricot flavor. Apricot is not a popular flavor in the States, I rarely see apricot flavor food and drinks. It is surprising that La Croix has decided to launch an apricot flavor sparkling water.

I am envious of the talented flavor chemist who created Murchie’s apricot tea and the beverage developer who created the latte. My approach to apricot flavor creation would begin with a peach flavor.  I would use a basic peach flavor, but increase the floral and sweet character while decreasing the green, crisp notes. To me, apricot is much sweeter and creamier than peach. It is also a bit more floral.

If a modified peach flavor does not taste like apricot, I’d pull up some of the many research papers available on the volatiles in apricot. A search on google leads me to many useful resources, and one paper mentions that geraniol and geranial (floral notes) are aromatics naturally found in apricot.

Geraniol and geranial would also contributed to the black tea note which blends so well with apricot. Two of my all time favorite aromas: beta-Damascenone (FEMA 3420) and Theaspirane (FEMA 3774) are also something I would add to my apricot flavor. They would be useful to enhance the sweetness and body of apricot at a very, very, very low amount.



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