Let’s get this Party Started! Birthday Cake Flavor

My youngest daughter is the one that proclaims “let get this party started” when she arrives at birthday party.  This accounts for why she is invited to so many birthday parties and why her favorite flavor is “Birthday Cake”.

IMG_0423Nothing this kid does is bland. She likes bright color, glitter and flavor. Her room is bright cotton candy pink, she wears neon and loves crazy Aaron’s thinking putty. Her favorite Frappuccino flavor is “Birthday Cake”  (if you don’t see birthday cake Frappuccino on the standard menu, be sure to ask for it off the “secret menu”). Honestly, I think it’s her favorite flavor because of the sprinkles on top, but there is an actual flavor recipe for Birthday Cake Frappuccino . The recipe is a mixture of vanilla bean sugar syrup, hazelnut sugar syrup with a topping of raspberry whip cream.

When a customer requests a birthday cake flavor from a flavor chemist, it is similar process to making birthday cake frappuccino. The flavor chemist often mixes vanilla flavor, a light berry top note and a  creamy flavor. The goal of birthday cake flavor creation is to capture the aroma and feeling of making a Betty Crocker white cake mix. Vanilla flavor for cake mix flavor is key, but the aroma chemicals the flavor chemist chooses for the creamy note are also very important. Some creamy notes I use are delta Decalactone (FEMA 2361), delta Dodecalactone (FEMA 2401), Sulfurol (FEMA 3204) and Dimethyl Sulfide (FEMA 2746). Ethyl butyrate (FEMA 2427) will enhance the creamy character of the birthday cake flavor in addition to providing a berry top note.

Formulating birthday cake flavor is no easy task and requires perseverance, but the reward is well worth it. Birthday cake aroma “gets the party started” in your nose and mouth. It smells and tastes delicious. Nothing boosts my mood more than the thought of cake baking.

Birthday cake flavor is popular for ice cream, yogurt and beverages. It continually surprises me where it shows up; like vodka and chewing gum?? Even so, it lacks some of the pizzaz of Starbucks most recent Frappuccino flavor: “Unicorn Flavor”.

“Unicorn Flavor” is shockingly bright pink and blue. Rumor is that the flavor also has the excitement of “changing”. Seems perfect for my Ava.  I can’t wait to try it. Flavors “gotta taste good”, but also need to be fun. Ava is all about fun.

Ava showing off at Muscle Beach, Venice CA

Ava showing off at Muscle Beach, Venice CA



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