Neuro®Sun Non Carbonated Nutritional Supplement

What’s your first thought when you see the Neuro bottle? Mine is shampoo. The price is similar to shampoo as well: $2.39/bottle. For the price tag, you’ll get a pinacolada flavored beverage, a fun bottle with a “shot glass” topper and 1000IU of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because it is produced by the body in response to sunlight. Lack of Vitamin D causes rickets (results in skeletal deformities) and has been implemented in multiple sclerosis, hypertension, depression, and diabetes. Legally,a food or  beverage item sold in the United States needs FDA approval for generalized health claims. The FDA, however, allows nutritional supplements to have generalized health benefit claims.

Neuro®sun claims:

supports a healthy immune system

helps maintain healthy bones

supports balanced mood

For a food product to be termed nutritional or dietary supplement (FDCA sect 201(ff)), it must meet these requirements:

(a)         intended to supplement the diet that contains dietary ingredients (vitamins and herbs)

(b)          it is ingested as a liquid

(c)          it is labeled as a dietary supplement

(d)         it is not a drug

(e)         it is not represented as a conventional food (not primarily consumed for taste and aroma)

Neuro®Sun is intended to supplement the diet, but I’m concerned that it is represented as a conventional food; since it is found in the beverage isle.

Neuro products in the beverage isle of a local grocery chain

Vitamin D is oil soluble, so to disperse it in the beverage, the manufacturer make a cloud or beverage emulsion. A cloud or beverage emulsion is a method to disperse oil soluble ingredients (like orange oil). A beverage emulsion includes a weighing agent (ester gum) to keep flavor oil from floating. A flavor chemist calculates the amount of estergum required to balance the oil and knows the legal limitations on use level in beverages. Besides estergum, brominated vegetable oil or sucrose acetate isobutyrate can be used as weighing agents. Weighted oils are dispersed in emulsions of acacia gum to assure dispersion and give a cloud effect. The cloud effect is desired, because  the appearance mimics juice.

The flavor of this Neuro®Sun is ordinary. The pinacolada flavor is balanced with a nice pineapple note and subtle coconut character. My dissatisfaction with this beverage is the marketing, health claims and price. It seems way too much to pay for vitamin D and I’m not confident on the stability of this vitamin in a beverage. Personally, I’d rather have a pill.

Neurosun Backpanel


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