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Saute Express, Garlic & Herb


Mother’s Helper

Working moms try to do it all, myself included. Nine years into motherhood, I’ve concluded, that I can not do it all. I need help. Sometimes I ask for help, hire help or prepare simpler meals. Simple meals tend to lack taste and nutritional. Sauté Express is a unique “helper” and I wonder if the convenience is worth it.

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My Impression

An average cook will have a difficult time preparing a better blend than Land O Lakes (It’s better than anything I could come up with in the kitchen). Sauté Express Garlic & Herb is impressive. Sauté Express combines butter, olive oil, garlic, spices, salt, pepper, herbs and  lemon in one little square. The balance of garlic flavor with the other subtle flavors is amazing. The garlic flavor is extremely fresh and far superior to that garlic power that I traditionally use in a sauté.


Land O Lakes recommends sealing leftover cubes in a container after opening the package. The garlic aroma is so potent, you must “contain” it and not let it infiltrate the pudding and milk in your frig. As a food production worker, I know this product could be difficult to “contain” in a plant. Garlic flavor could easily infiltrate the entire line of products if not handled with extreme care. I’m certain that there were a few headaches during the production of this new line item at Land O Lakes.

Chicken or Shrimp sautéed in this starter browns easily and looks delicious. Pioneer Woman would claim this would keep Marlboro man happy, which is always a good thing. Keeping our man happy sometimes falls to the bottom of the list when busy working moms are trying to keep their heads above water. I’ll be purchasing this item again, Sauté Express helps me prepare healthy nutritious meals for my family.

*update 2018: I can no longer find this product on the market.

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Saute Express Chicken

Saute Express Shrimp

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