Almond ROCA® Cream, an indulgent wine flavor review

Almond ROCA Cream, Indulgent Flavored Wine

Roca® Cream or Baileys®?

Almond ROCA® Cream, is reminiscent of a cream liqueur: a sweet, creamy flavored high alcohol beverage. In many ways, Almond ROCA® Cream is similar to Baileys®Irish Cream. Baileys® is a sweetened whiskey and cream beverage that has 17% alcohol by volume; while Almond ROCA® Cream is a sweetened wine and cream beverage that has 14% alcohol by volume. ROCA® Cream is best served like Baileys®: over ice mixed with milk, in coffee, or over ice cream.

Flavor Creation

A flavor scientist would blend a Baileys® flavor by mixing vanilla, chocolate and cream flavor. A flavor for a ROCA® Cream would consist of almond flavor, chocolate flavor and toffee flavor. Toffee flavor includes flavor aromatics like Furaneol and 3,4, Dimethyl 1,2 cyclopentadione. These flavor aromatics are naturally present in cooked or roasted products (toffee, caramel, coffee, chocolate, tea and nuts). There is a follow through flavor in ROCA®  Cream which is cherry like. This cherry flavor can be attributed to an added almond flavor, natural bitter almond oil or perhaps it is coming from the wine. The almond flavor reminds me of Amaretto and is very nice.

Natural flavors are used in Almond ROCA® products and Almond ROCA® Cream is no exception. There are different labeling requirements for alcoholic beverages than foods. FDA regulates food and wines with less than 7% alcohol, while the TTB regulates all other alcoholic beverages. Up to 0.1% of artificial top note flavors are allowed in natural flavors for TTB regulated alcoholic beverages. Also, the TTB reviews all flavor formulas for alcoholic beverages and will check to see that these flavors are made as submitted, FDA does not review flavor formulas.

Enough regulatory information! Indulgent wine is good, meant to be enjoyed and to finish a good evening meal. Almond ROCA® Cream can be enjoyed on a winter evening around the holidays and I look forward to a few more glasses in the coming months. It is the perfect gift for the holiday season. 😉


Almond ROCA Cream, Panel

I got my bottles at Bartells, but you can find online:



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