Darigold Pumpkin Spice Egg Nog, flavor review

Darigold Pumpkin Spice Egg NogEgg Nog Lattes

Just when I thought I could not stand another pumpkin flavored product, I find this pumpkin spice egg nog from Darigold. A seasonal weakness of mine is egg nog lattes and I have been know to hoard several 1/2 gallon containers in my frig, so I can have these delicious warm beverages way into late January.

I am happy to get a “jump start” on the season with this new pumpkin spice egg nog; even though pumpkin is a flavor that has begun to wear out its welcome. Food writers are indicating that pumpkin risks falling into the ranks of flavors such as pomegranate. http://bites.today.com/_news/2012/10/02/14181734-in-defense-of-pumpkin-products-that-get-the-flavor-right?lite

Dairies prepare for the holiday season late spring/early summer and order egg nog flavor from flavor companies to arrive by late summer. I have worked for flavor companies servicing the dairy industry and I got really good at rum flavor. Rum flavor is an essential component of traditional egg nog.

My Impression

Pumpkin spice egg nog lacks the sweet powerful rum note and is high in a sweet cream flavor. In a latte, this difference is desirable. For those of you who drink egg nog plain, this difference may be bothersome. The pumpkin spice egg nog has a faint coconut character that could be undesirable.  For those of you who add your own rum, up the proportion of rum, so the rum flavor comes through.

A homemade pumpkin spice egg nog latte is a great savings compared to the $5 pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. I bought a quart of Darigold’s egg nog at Walmart for $2.58. My latte recipe:

Froth about 1/4 c. of nog with 1/8 cup of low fat milk, add it to 2 espresso shots and a pack of splenda and Viola!   a delicious homemade pumpkin spice latte that will rival Starbucks.

Thanks Darigold for the new flavor!  I’d love to see a low fat version.

Nutritional Panel, Pumpkin Spice Egg NogPumpkin Spice Egg Nog Ingredient Panel






  1. I also got this flavor at wal-mart today. It was pretty good but i’m lactose intolerant so it made me gasey.
    I like egg nog so i can deal with this issue once a year. Not to sweet which is good. Overall grade B+
    It could use more spice to get the grade up.

    • Susie Bautista says:

      Al: Thank goodness I am not lactose intolerant. That would be terrible. I’d probably take my chances & drink egg nog anyway as well.

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