Yoplait Simplait Yogurt, flavor review

Yoplait Simplait

Yoplait Simplait is “simply” the best non-Greek yogurt I have had. It has a wonderful custardy/creamy texture, the perfect tartness, a light cream cheese undertone and delicious flavors of jammy strawberry and buttery vanilla. I am in Awe!

In general, processed foods have lengthy ingredient statements that confuse us consumers. This kind of thing keeps most of us preparing our own family meals. In one of my food science classes, the professor used a microwave dinner ingredient statement to explain additives. This microwave meal had 68 ingredients. How are we supposed to decipher all this information?

Six simple ingredients is the Yoplait Simplait label, but flavor scientists know otherwise. Flavors can consist of one to several hundred ingredients; yet still be labeled”natural flavors”. Flavor scientists get carried away and develop flavors by compounding other flavors (a few drops of cherry, blueberry, etc. and voila wild berry flavor). This type of flavor development is called Mixology. The result of such compounding is a flavor with hundreds of ingredients. “Natural flavors” are not always simple. Flavors by mother nature (real strawberries) are not simple either.

Simplait tastes very natural. The strawberry Simplait tastes like homemade strawberry jam was stirred in the yogurt and the vanilla Simplait tastes like cheesecake. Five years of my life were spent flavoring yogurt and I’ve eaten more than my fair share of  yogurt. Yoplait Simplait is one of the best. Too bad there is a higher fat content in Simplait yogurt or I’d make it a staple in my diet. The cost is very reasonable: $0.75  a cup. Other food bloggers are just as impressed: http://www.theimpulsivebuy.com/wordpress/2012/09/11/review-yoplait-simplait-strawberry-yogurt/

Strawberry Simplait Panel

Vanilla Simplait panel



  1. Do you know what the natural flavor in simplait yogurt is?

    • Susie Bautista says:

      Hi Marlena: The label natural flavors is very broad. I suspect it’s a blend of naturally derived aroma chemicals compounded to mimic the fruit or extract named. For example; strawberry would be a mixture of such items as natural butyric acid, natural cis-3-hexenol, natural maltol,etc. The strawberry fruit is composed of hundreds of aroma chemicals (the plant makes naturally), flavor scientists try to identify those components and blend them back to mimic nature. I hope this answer helps, Susie

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