Trident Layers Juicy Berry & Tangy Tangerine sugar free gum, flavor review

Trident Layers Juicy Berry Tangy Tangerine gum

Trident Layers gum is my daughter’s  favorite gum. She loves the juicy, fruity flavor and the colored layers. She calls it the “sandwich gum” and jumps up and down when I give her a piece.

The front label of Trident Layers reads “with real fruit flavor”.  What does that mean?  Sugar free chewing gum is not natural.  Sugar free gum is an artificially flavored, sweetened, and colored edible rubber material. Its benefits are dental (does not promote tooth decay) and breathe freshening.


The ingredients in Trident Layers are:

  1. gum base (rubber)
  2. maltitol, maltitol syrup, sorbitol, mannitol(sweeteners that do not promote tooth decay)
  3. acesulfame potassium , aspartame, sucralose (artificial high potency sweeteners)
  4. Blue 2 Lake, Red 40, Red 40 Lake and Yellow 5 (artificial colors)
  5. gelatin (to improve consistency)
  6. partially hydrogenated coconut oil, soy lecithin (carriers for flavor and color)
  7. natural & artificial flavorings

Trident Layer Ingredient Panel

There is no real fruit in Trident Layers berry tangerine, however, there may be a small amount of orange essential oil (flavor). Essential oils are obtained from citrus fruit by cold pressing the peel. Orange peels are a by-product of the juice processing industry and orange essential oil is priced reasonably.

The berry flavor in Trident Layers juicy berry tangy tangerine is a “wild berry” and has a juicy cherry note.  Cherry and orange give a fruit punch profile. Juicy berry and tangy tangerine flavor is in effect a nice fruit punch flavor. There are modifiers in this flavor and I can taste some seedy berry character (Ionones), creamy lactones, concord grape (Methyl anthranillate)  and sweet bubblegum notes (iso Amyl acetate).

The cool character of this gum is powerful. There is an artificial cooling flavor in this gum that releases steadily for 1/2 hour.  Initially this gum is sour (juicy) and causes the gum base to stick to my teeth.  I do not understand why Kraft Foods (owner of the Trident Brand) has not claimed an acid in this gum.

Tangerine is also a popular color and this layers gum looks great.  Trident layers has a fun appearance some find it delightful (like my daughter).  Berry Tangerine doesn’t disappoint; it’s fun and packed with juicy flavor.  I’m impressed.

Trident Layers inside package


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