Starbuck’s Via Cool Lime Refreshers, flavor review

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Starbucks, you stole my idea!  Thank you, because I love your new Cool Lime Refreshers™. Seven years of my life were spent blending mint with all sorts of flavor combinations. My favorite mint variety to blend with fruity notes is Native Spearmint (Mentha spicata): herbal, green leafy, tea like and dry. Scotch Spearmint(Mentha gracilis) is preferred for chewing gum: creamy, green and buttery.

Truthfully, I never perfected the mint blend: Starbucks did with their Refreshers™ Cool Lime. Some successful flavors I made were pear mint, melon mint and key lime mint. If I were to mix all these flavors, I’d have Cool Lime Refreshers™; perfection!  The Starbucks Via box claims Cool Lime combines kaffir lime, hints of mint, cucumber and apple, but I’m sticking with my interpretation.

Starbucks, I wish I had the guts you had.  Great ideas don’t go anywhere on their own, they need courage. I applaud this beverage hope it stays in stores. The Via form of Cool Lime Refreshers™ is too convenient to pass up.  At $5.95 for a box of 5 packets, though, I considered not buying it. I justify the cost by sharing my impression with the readers of flavor (thank you readers!).

Some facts about the Cool Lime Refreshers™ that I should share:

  1. It’s difficult to dissolve and clumps
  2. You don’t taste the Reb A (Stevia Leaf Extract).  Erythritol blends well with Reb A to mask the lingering licorice off notes of Reb A.
  3. Refreshers™ Via is NOT calorie or sugar free.  One packet has 70 calories.
  4. Refreshers™ does not make me jittery, anxious or cause me not to sleep
  5. Cool Lime Refreshers™ is good with rum

Some facts I want to know:

  1. How much caffeine in this drink?   Can I serve it to my children?

Starbucks Refreshers Cool Lime Panel

Thank you Marvo at TIB for the heads up on Starbucks Refreshers™ Via. I don’t always agree with your readers comments, but love that you let me know about the latest & greatest:



  1. I’d like to limit the amount of sugar in my diet. According to my local Starbucks barista, the lime Refresher concentrate they use to make the beverages you buy at the bar contains less sugar than either the Via packets or the canned Refresher beverages – is this statement true? Also; does the natural sweetener Stevia raise your serum sugar level in the same way as refined sugar or corn syrup?

    You’re right – the cool lime drink tastes great. I just hope it doesn’t contain much sugar. Thanks!

    • Susie Bautista says:

      Hi Peter: Great questions! Starbuck’s website lists the Cool Lime Refresher as a beverage containing 13 gm sugar per serving. As far as serum sugar level and stevia, an industrial supplier (Sweet Green Fields) states that it has a low glycemic index. I’m glad your enjoying the Cool Lime Refresher….word on the street is that Starbucks is sold out of the VIA form of Cool Lime Refresher.

  2. I just tried the Cool Lime Refresher today and I have to say that I was really disappointed. The idea is great, but had I known mint was one of the ingredients I wouldn’t have wasted $3.95 on it. There wasn’t just a “hint” of mint, but a whole lot of it leaving a really nasty aftertaste. I felt like i had just eaten a house plant with my drink. They should really consider calling it “cool mint lime” to warn people who aren’t particularly crazy about mint.

    • Susie Bautista says:

      Hi Bryan: so sorry you were disappointed. Yes, the Cool Lime Refresher is very spearmint. I love it, but noticed from other reviews, it is not always well liked. Polarizing is a good description for the Cool Lime Refresher and Starbuck’s might consider calling in Cool Spearmint Lime Refresher.

  3. Christine says:

    Hi Susie,

    For this comparison I’m going from memory but I thought it was worth sharing. I tried the Cool Lime Refresher earlier this summer and loved it. We’ve had a recent heat wave and I was craving some iced tea so I decided to experiment a little and found the result to be quasi close to the CLR. I brewed Stash’s Moroccan Mint (16 oz. for one tea bag), dissolved a packet of stevia, added a sprinkle of ground anise and a squeeze of lime, blended well and served over ice. It may not be the same but I think those that like the CLR would find this refreshing for a fraction of the cost.

    Best wishes,

    PS I found ground anise at an asian market ($1.99) and the moroccan mint at a middle eastern market for $2

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