True Lemon® un-sweetend, lemonade and raspberry lemonade, flavor review

True Lemon Drink Mixes

Finally! Summer is here in the Northwest. While most of the country had sweltering heat; the Northwest had cool, rainy weather. This weekend it warmed up so we got the barbeques out, enjoyed being outdoors and enjoyed refreshing beverages like lemonade. Perfect timing for the True Lemon beverage recommended by my Facebook fan and friend Mike: True Lemon® original lemonade, unsweetened lemon and raspberry lemonade.

True lemon® unsweetened is refreshingly fresh and pulpy lemon like.  It is crisp, like water with lemon rings floating in it. This is not a sweet beverage, it’s merely a splash of fresh tasting lemon for your water. The ingredients listed on the label are citric acid, lemon oil, lemon juice, organic evaporated cane juice, ascorbic acid (vitamin C). I love this “lemon water” and find it wonderfully unique. All ingredients are dry, one of the oldest techniques of food preservation. I’m not certain of the process used to dry the lemon oil and lemon juice. The crystal shape of the powder and fresh taste leads me to believe the lemon oil and juice are freeze-dried. Freeze drying is the most expensive method of drying foods and provides for the freshest flavor (since the product is not subject to heat).

True lemon® lemonade and raspberry lemonade claim the lemon is “crystalized” (same ingredients in the unsweetened True Lemon®) and contains rebiana (Stevia), guar gum, and color. The raspberry lemonade also has natural flavor. The good news is that this lemonade is all natural; the bad is that it has rebiana (Stevia). Stevia is an all natural hight potency sweetener and has a lingering licorice aftertaste that I find disagreeable. True lemon® does a great job of balancing the Stevia with the sour taste of citric acid; I’d say the lemonade is an admirable product  and that the raspberry lemonade is impressive.  The  raspberry flavor is a nice sweet berry with a light woody/seedy note.  The raspberry lemonade is delicious.

Compared to Crystal light, an artificially sweetened beverage with artificial flavors, True lemon® pales. If all natural is desired, True Lemon is a superb option, but if you don’t mind artificial high potency sweeteners and flavors, stick with Crystal light.

Raspberry lemonade panel

Un-sweetened panel


Original lemonade panel




  1. never seen these, but ill keep an eye out. Im a huge fan of all these drink mix “sticks”. They make the perfect lo cal mixer for alcohol lol. My favorite have to be the sugar free Hawaiian punch ones.

    • Susie Bautista says:

      I haven’t tried sugar free Hawaiian punch and I’m sure it would be a hit in my family. On Friday, I just picked up some of Starbucks VIA, mojito flavor….whoops, I mean Cool Lime. Perfect for a mixer.

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