Ice Breakers Duo Fruit+Cool, raspberry & strawberry flavors review

IceBreakers Duo Fruit+Cool mint

When a hot sensation, like pepper extract, is combined with a cool sensation, like menthol,there can be a tingly effect in the mouth and throat. The new Ice Breakers Duo fruit +cool raspberry is very tingling in the mouth. It is a fun & mouth clearing sensation for the mouth.

Ice Breakers new Duo fruit+cool sugar-free mints are all about sensation.

1) texture: a rough fruit side & smooth cool side

2) acids for sour effect

3) cooling & heating sensation for lingering tingle in the throat

4) berry flavor for sweetness

5) Visual: bright colors and “specs” for added freshness apeal

My mouth is refreshed and clean after having these mints.  A blogger Mmm…Deliciousness ( mentioned that the rough side on the fruit part of Duo fruit & cool, is comparable to a tongue scrubber on a toothbrush. Thank you for your insight  mmmdeliciousness!

The strawberry flavor Ice Breakers Duo are delicious and I am impressed. The raspberry flavor Ice Breakers are ordinary and verge on the need to go back to the flavor lab. When I smell the strawberry fruit+cool container, I’m immediately presented with strawberry jello and feel comfortable with this product as a candy. Raspberry is very high in flavor load, floral, fatty, woody and generally un-balanced.  I am not as impressed with the raspberry as I am with the strawberry.

The flavorists at Icebreakers (owned by Hershey’s), did an amazing job of balancing a fruit flavor with cool. The product is not minty.  When I taste the strawberry fruit & cool product, I have a yummy sweet strawberry flavor that lingers in my mouth with a refreshing “feeling” that clears my throat and nasal passages.  I’d be disappointed if the strawberry flavor went away quickly.

I am not the only one impressed with Icebreakers Duo Fruit & Cool, the National Confectioners Association nominated this product for the most innovative non-chocolate introduction in 2012  Congratulations IceBreakers!


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