Brown & Haley Dark ROCA, review

Brown & Haley Dark RocaBrown & Haley is an over 80-year-old company in Tacoma,WA. Fortunately for me, Brown & Haley has an office and outlet store one block away from my workplace in Fife, WA. I can quickly stop in and pick up treats for friends, family and myself. We know Brown & Haley for their iconic Almond ROCA, the candy you’d sneak from the candy dish on your grandmother’s coffee table. Brown & Haley continuously releases new products including Dark ROCA. Dark ROCA is so good, it won an award for the most innovative gourmet & premium product at the annual National Confectioners Association Sweet & Snack Expo (

Usually, See’s candy is my preferred gourmet chocolate of choice, but Dark ROCA is strong competition for See’s chocolate toffee. The dark chocolate blends deliciously with the butter toffee and I find this new candy dangerously good. The toffee in Brown & Haley Almond ROCA is always very buttery and sometimes slightly coconutty or oxidized. In Dark ROCA, the dark chocolate is full flavored and blends with the butter toffee to enhance the roasted character of the candy.  Warning: once you have one, you won’t be able to stop.

Dark ROCA is my new favorite “gift” chocolate and I will be stopping by the outlet to buy gifts for family, friends, special occasions and “just because”.  Fortunately for me, the Brown & Haley factory is just down the road ( Dark ROCA isn’t just something your grandmother puts out on a coffee table; it’s a candy to be enjoyed daily.



  1. Kristine says:

    They are indeed addicting. I don’t think that the bag you gave us of almond rocas lasted longer than 2 days in our house!!!

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