Grāpple® brand apples (grape flavored apples), flavor review

Grāpple® brand apples

Wikipedia defines grapple as a hook or claw used to hold something.  Grāpple®, however, is pronounced and defined differently. Grāpples® are grape flavored apples that are manufactured with a patented process discussed on their website:  The process involves a bath of grape flavor (including methyl anthranillate) and water.  As a consumer, you can wash the apple and not worry about losing flavor. The grape flavor has been absorbed in the apple and can not be washed off.

Apples are one of my family’s favorite foods, so I saw no need to have grape flavored apples. Desire to try something new and fun got me to buy them. I’m glad I did, Grāpples are fun and taste good.  I am impressed.  The grape flavor added a grape aroma and child like grape taste to the apple.  The processing of the Grāpple did not affect  the apple negatively and the texture and juiciness was superb.

My biggest complaint about the Grāpple® is the grape aftertaste that lingers. My kids like the Grāpple®, even though they first complained it sounded “gross”. I’ll be purchasing these again and hope to see some different flavors.  Two little girls I know gave the Grāpple®  good reviews as well.  It did not take them long to eat the entire apple; check it out:






  1. I tried these a while ago and loved them too but the smell is what got to me – i though it closely resembled cough syrup.

    • Susie Bautista says:

      Hi Kailey: I agree that the grape flavor could be compared to grape cough syrup. Methyl anthranillate is very medicinal: minty & woody as well as grapey. A fruitier flavor might be an improvement and make grapples more appealing to an adult as well as a child. Great comment, thank you! ps. I love your blog!

  2. I liked these as well, I don’t seek them out regularly but they’re worth a try.

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