Stride Tropical Trance, artificially flavored sugar free gum, Flavor Review

Stride Tropical Trance

Be careful,because Stride Tropical Trance will hold you captive for a half hour. Tropical Trance has high flavor impact that lasts at least 20-30 minutes. This gum is shocking: high in sour, sweet, tropical flavor and cooling sensation. I’d describe the flavor as a very creamy mango with orange, pineapple, green cucumber and floral notes. The creamy notes are very high and I much prefer this gum after those flavor notes have dissipated. Twenty minutes into chewing Tropical Trance, I find it to be a delicious fruitty berry gum that is cooling.

Since I’ve spent almost 20 years in the flavor business , I do not really like highly flavored food items. I feel I can taste the individual flavor aromatics. In this case it is a lactone, perhaps gamma Nonlactone that is nauseating. Gamma Nonalactone is an aromatic naturally found in foods items such as mango, peach, pineapple, butter and tea. Gamma Nonalactone is best at very small levels.

Initially this gum is cosmetic (like perfume) and the odd overly cool character doesn’t improve it.  A relatively new flavor ingredient: artificial cooling compounds are too shocking for my tastes. Artificial cooling agents cool our mouth and throat by affecting ion transport across cellular membrane. Cooling agents are superior to menthol because they do not have any minty flavor.  Cough syrups, medicines, candies, toothpastes and gums typically contain cooling agents. Anyway, call me old fashioned, but I much prefer natural peppermint coolness.

Stride Tropical Trance is not for this 40+ woman who chews gum to freshen breath; Tropical Trance is for younger, more adventurous folk. My opinion doesn’t really matter and I’d love to hear from someone who is young and adventurous. Or I’d love to hear from someone that feels the same as me and eases my mind about my age.

Inside of Tropical Trance Pack


  1. nah it’s not age, i’m 19 and i just stick with very minty gum to freshen my breath.

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