Colgate Total Advanced fresh+whitening fresh gel, flavor review

Colgate Advanced Fresh + Whitening Gel

An interesting fact about toothpaste is that it’s considered a cosmetic product by the FDA. Toothpaste is something we place in our mouth and possibly ingest, but one of it’s primary purposes is to freshen breath (cosmetic). Toothpaste without flavor is terrible. I know, I’ve tried it. It’s very soapy and bitter. Usually toothpaste manufacturers add at least 1% flavor (mint oil) to toothpaste for the desired affect.

In 2004, I moved to Washington state to work with mint oil. One of the major growing regions for mint in the United States is the Northwest. Approximately 3 million pounds of Peppermint oil are produced annually in the world, with the majority of that oil coming from the United States. The Mint Industry Research Council ( claims that 45% of that mint oil is used in dentifrices (mouthwash & toothpaste). One pound of mint oil will flavor 1000 tubes of toothpaste; so that’s a lot of toothpaste that is dependent on the United States mint crops. ┬áColgate is one of the leading global toothpaste manufacturers and is a leading member of the United States mint industry.

Colgate is also one of my favorite toothpastes. One reason is that my dental hygientist strongly recommends Colgate Total with triclosan. Most often, I can count of Colgate toothpaste to be smooth, cooling and not too harsh. Colgate Total Advanced Fresh & Whitening fresh gel meets that standard fairly well. There is a high flavor load of menthol that comes across slightly harsh and burning, but there are nice flavor undertones of peppermint with creamy sweetness and warm spice (slight cinnamon character).

My mouth feels refreshed, cool and clean after using Colgate Total Advanced Fresh & whitening gel. I enjoy the bluish/green sparkly gel appearance as well. Much better that white, chalky paste. Colgate did not disappoint; I’m impressed.



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