Snapple Half ‘n Half Diet Lemonade Iced Tea, flavor review

Diet Snapple Half 'n Half

According to BevNet, bottled mixed lemonade and iced tea has been a popular new release in the last year: AriZona, Marley, New Leaf, Herbal Mist, Ito En and now Snapple. However, Snapple’s Half ‘n Half is a mix of not just lemonade and black tea. Snapple is a mix of black and green tea with lemonade and it is a diet drink.

Admittedly, I have never purchased a pre-made bottled iced tea lemonade blend. Usually, I make my own at the soda fountain. My preference is for about 75% unsweetened ice tea and 25% lemonade. Diet Snapple Half ‘n Half isn’t as good as my concoction.  The lemonade in Snapple Half ‘n Half seems too green and peel like (I’d prefer a juicy, sweet, lemon pulp character) and the tea character is floral (too much green tea). Diet Half ‘n Half  has a good sweetness with a slight honey note. Because the high potency sweetener (AceK and sucralose) are used at the right level, the tartness of the lemonade mix comes through perfectly. AceK is a high potency sweetener almost exclusively used with other sweeteners for its synergistic affects. It is more stable in acidic environments and under heated conditions. Snapple is a heat packed beverage. There are no preservatives: like sodium benzoate that are typically found in cold packed beverages.  Heat treatment is used to control micro-organisms in Snapple.

After trying Half ‘n Half, I was curious how different it would be from diet Snapple lemon tea. Unfortunately, I could not find the diet Snapple lemon tea in the stores near my house. A 16 oz bottle of Snapple Half ‘n Half has only 10 calories and a fairly pure ingredient statement: filtered water, clarified lemon juice concentrate, citric acid, natural flavors, tea, potassium citrate, sucralose, and Ace K.  There is no color added to this beverage, so we know the brown color comes from brewed tea.

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