Dove Coconut Creme Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate Eggs, Flavor Review

Dove Coconut Creme Milk chocolate eggs

Just in: a new study finds that people who eat chocolate several times a week are leaner than people who don’t eat chocolate regularly. Great news for those of us who consider chocolate a  food group. All the more reason to make a big purchase of chocolate this Easter!

Dove is marketing a coconut crème chocolate egg for the holidays. Personally, I am averse to chocolate and coconut, but Almond Joy tastes good, so it’s worth a shot.

How are Dove chocolate coconut eggs?  They are ordinary. Ordinary because I’d like to improve the product by adding real coconut shreds to the coconut oil, natural & artificial flavor and skim milk center. Thankfully the coconut flavor is balanced perfectly with the milk chocolate: just a hint. There is an evaporated milk flavor to the center that gives it an almost toasted coconut flavor.

Dove Coconut Creme chocolate eggs are better than the coconut M&Ms I had recently. The coconut M&Ms I tried  had a powerful soapy coconut flavor that lingered way too long.  Coconut chocolate eggs by Dove are a treat my family enjoyed and devoured. Perhaps the Easter Bunny will bring us more.

Nutritional panel Dove Coconut Creme Eggs


Coconut Creme Eggs


  1. OH my goodness, this special holiday treat was the best candy. Everyone I shared the candy with, even those who didn’t care for coconut was truly blown away with the smooth taste and combination. It’s so good to make it a holiday candy really isn’t fair! Please find a way to bring it back soon

  2. Sherry Martin says:

    ..omg, best new candy ever!!!! love it, hope you continue to make these all the time & not just @Easter..

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