Greek Yogurt, Vanilla Flavored products

Greek Yogurt Vanilla flavored products

The yogurt aisle at the supermarket in the US has changed. In 2010, Greek yogurt accounted for 20% of total yogurt sales. (Chicago Tribune March 16, 2012).  Greek yogurt has a creamier texture, higher protein content, tarter/less sweet taste and higher cost than traditional yogurt. The consumer will pay more for this yogurt; in some cases $0.30-0.80 more per cup.

If you are relatively new to Greek yogurt, following are taste comparisons of some of  the vanilla flavor products on the market. Greek Gods is my favorite product. I choose the low-fat version of this yogurt flavored with vanilla cinnamon orange.  It reminds me of a custard. Greek Gods makes a truly delicious, treat like product.  All flavors in this product are truly natural extracts (vanilla, cinnamon and orange) and evaporated cane juice is used to sweeten the yogurt. The quality of the flavors in Greek God’s yogurt are supreme and the vanilla extract flavor comes out very strong, sweet and balanced. My second favorite product is Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt.  The flavor is butter vanilla, with strong dairy notes. It tastes like white cake mix batter smells.  A natural vanilla flavor, sugar and fructose are used in this product. Okios does not use vanilla extract like Greek Gods. Some of the other products I evaluated are Activa Greek Yogurt. It differentiates itself from the other products by containing Bifdus Regularis. The flavor is VERY tart, almost unpleasant because it burns the throat. It is slightly chalky and feels like it coats my teeth.  The flavor is decent, like Angel food cake mix batter and again has natural vanilla flavor and not vanilla extract. Yoplait Greek 2X Protein Honey vanilla flavored (with other natural flavors) yogurt again has a cake mix batter flavor, butter vanilla. It’s biggest downfall is its texture: thick and gel like.  It is not as creamy as the other Greek yogurts on the market. I also prefer Oikos to the Yoplait Greek yogurt, because there is a slight lingering floral, chemical smokey back note in the Yoplait product. Chobani vanilla yogurt has a nice creamy texture, but the vanilla flavor is terrible. Chobani’s vanilla flavor is very smokey and unpleasant. I suspect that the flavor could be improved by increasing the fat content, adding a butter or dairy note or by using the highest quality vanilla extract on the market, Bourbon vanilla. I associate smokey vanilla extract with vanilla from Indonesia, which is less expensive than the more custardy Bourbon vanilla extract.

Nutritional comparison:

Yogurt Serv. Size Cal. Cal. fr. Fat Protein (g) Calcium(DV)
Greek Gods 6 oz 170 50 7 25%
Activa 6 oz 190 0 12 40%
Yoplait Greek 6 oz 150 0 12 35%
Oikos 5.3 oz 120 0 12 15%
Chobani 6 oz 120 0 16 20%


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