Silk Fruit & Protein all natural juice blend, Strawberry Banana review & Non-Gmo Project

Silk Fruit & Protein juice blend

Silk beverages come with a “Love it Guarantee or your money back”. There is no risk in trying the new Silk Fruit & Protein juice beverage. My family doesn’t want our money back,we love it, especially my 5 year old.  She had 2 cups on her first try, with her only complaint the lack of bright pink color. As her mommy, though, I was relieved to see the more natural light pink hue in the soy milk. The lack of neon pink color meant to me that the product is colored with natural fruit and vegetable extracts.

The strawberry banana flavor came across as extremely tart with a high amount of jammy strawberry flavor. The beverage was lacking banana flavor, but had a nice sweet vanilla note that came out at the end. I found that the beverage was a little strong in strawberry flavor, sweetness and tartness; but non-the-less an admirable product.

As a parent,I feel good about serving this protein enriched beverage that includes fruit juice concentrate and evaporated cane sugar for sweeteners. The fact that my children enjoy consuming this drink is absolutely wonderful.

My biggest concern with this product is the Non GMO project verified logo on the label. What exactly is this  This logo is common in the soy milk isle.  Silk fruit & protein beverage is not USDA certified organic (non-GMO thru US legislation), but has this non-GMO label. Other soy milk products on the market have both. Do I trust Non-GMO Project or the USDA to certify my food non-GMO?  Since Non-GMO project has organic industry leaders (marketers) on board, I prefer to trust USDA.  At this moment, I believe we as consumers are frustrated with our food labels, because we can’t trust industry leaders.  Are industry leaders in the organic market any different?  Will they receive funds and increased business as a result of this initiative?(like Monsanto?)   Isn’t it integrity in our food supply what consumers and parents want?

USDA personnel only enforce the laws and they get paid half (if not less) than what industry members get paid.  USDA & FDA doesn’t write laws (stating that foods have labels indicating GMOs); Congress does that.

Soy Dream soy milk

Silk Fruit & Protein Info panel, Non-GMO label

West Soy soymik


  1. Kay Foulkes says:

    I love Silk Fruit & Protein blend. I use it instead of fruit juice in my daughters smoothies!!

    • Susie Bautista says:

      Kay: It is great in smoothies. I made my younger daughter a smoothie with the berry soy milk, greek yogurt and raspberries last week. It was absolutely delicious.

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