Kraft Philadelphia Chocolate Cream Cheese Spreads, Indulgence review

Kraft Chocolate Cream Cheese spreads

My kids are in seventh heaven. We have all three chocolate cream cheese spreads from Kraft in our house.  We have chosen to try them on vanilla wafers with blueberries or crushed peppermint candy on top. To my daughter’s delight, she got to pack a  blueberry bagel with dark chocolate cream cheese spread for lunch. It’s like Christmas.

These new Kraft chocolate cream cheese spreads are definitely indulgent. Frosting and chocolate cream cheese spread have similar calorie and fat content. Cream Cheese spread has slightly lower calories (120  for 2 tbsp. vs. 140 for prepared chocolate frosting), some calcium (4% DV) and cholesterol. Prepared frosting (such as Duncan Hines Creamy Chocolate) has natural and artificial flavors added. White Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread has added flavors, while milk and dark chocolate cream cheese spreads have vanillin (artificial) added for flavoring.

We have reviewed all three flavors at my house and dark chocolate is the favorite. It tastes the best; like Ghirardelli chocolate brownies or dark chocolate gnache.  I would not know this was a cream cheese product unless is was labeled as such.  Milk chocolate cream cheese spread tastes like hot cocoa and again has little cream cheese flavor.  White chocolate cream cheese spread has similar flavor to condensed milk (very sweet and cooked); yet again, has little cream cheese flavor.

The chocolate cream cheese spreads from Kraft are like frosting. I believe these products could be improved with a cream cheese or cheesecake note. Cream cheese or cheesecake flavor could be added to improve the chocolate spread flavor. Some ingredients in cheesecake flavor include cheese aromatics (butyric acid and ketones) and creamy/fruity notes (lactones).

Kraft chose not to add compounded flavorings to their new indulgent line and this separates them from the frosting manufacturers  Does anyone else miss the cream cheese flavor?

Anyway, Kraft, your product is admirable.  I like the dark chocolate cream cheese spread and kids feel the same way:3rd grader tastes kraft philadelphia chocolate indulgence

Nutritional and Ingredients:

White Chocolate cream cheese spread Ingredient panel

Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread Nutritional


  1. I have only tried the milk chocolate. I think I was expecting a chocolate cheesecake flavor. It tastes like Jello pudding to me! Tonight I put some inside a few fat, moist medjool dates. Not bad. But I would prefer more of a cheesecake flavor. If I wanted pudding I would buy pudding.

    • Susie Bautista says:

      Hi Susie: The texture of the cream cheese spread isn’t cream cheese like; it’s sort of like pudding. I like your analogy.

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