Extra Dessert Delights Rainbow Sherbet flavor review, limited edition

Extra Dessert Delights, Rainbow Sherbet

About six weeks ago, I heard Extra launched a limited edition dessert delights rainbow sherbet flavor; I couldn’t find it anywhere and I was frantic. Finally, I saw it at Target in a three pack.

Extra has developed a great new line of gum,dessert delights, using the most current flavor technology, sensates.  Sensates are flavors that contribute cool sensation without minty or off flavors. Therefore, a flavor scientist can blend sherbet flavor with a sensate and offer the consumer a refreshing, sweet gum that is cool and not minty. Menthol (the characterizing part of peppermint) and sensates affect the body’s thermal receptors by stimulating ionic channels. Our body also feels cool through evaporation.

Rainbow sherbet flavor reminds me of strawberry lemonade. This gum is very sour and citrusy up front. The citrus note is like lemon lime soda and very refreshing. After the sourness fades, the gum gets VERY sweet, too sweet for me. Eventually, about one and a half minutes into the chew, I get a cool sensation in my throat and a creamy berry note comes through. Rainbow sherbet gum loses the strong flavor after 3-4 minutes, but stays sweet and cool for at least 20 minutes.

Extra dessert delights is a great gum and I’d have trouble copying it. The flavor profile of citrus, strawberry with cream wouldn’t be too difficult to mimic, but the longevity of the sweetness and cooling effect is an amazing flavor system.  I’m in awe.

Personally, I’ll still buy my favorite Extra dessert delights gum: mint chip ice cream. My kids, though, love rainbow sherbet and everything about it.  I’ll be purchasing it again for my girls and their friends.  My daughter’s BFF asked me for a pack of rainbow sherbet gum after trying it. I gave her a pack for her help in reviewing the gum.  This is what she had to say:

3rd grader reviews Rainbow Sherbet gum




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