Crest 3D White Vivid, Radiant Mint Review

Crest 3D White Vivid, Radiant Mint

Proctor & Gambles’s Crest 3D White line was the most heralded new product in oral care in 2010. I  found this data in the Jan/Feb 2012 Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine ( The reason for its success in the United States is attributed to the fact that it’s a part of a  full care oral care regimen. This regimen consists of a toothbrush, an alcohol free whitening mouth rinse ,whitening strips and paste-gel hybrid toothpaste. Per the box; 3D White Vivid toothpaste provides radiant whitening:

  • patented micro-cleansing whiteners to life and polish away surface stains
  • gentle foaming action to clean hard to reach places
  • with regular brushing fights cavities, refreshes mouth and removes plaque
  • use with the Oral B 3D white advance vivid pulsar toothbrush for an extra white smile
  • strengthens enamel

I have not  found the time to convert to an oral care regimen consisting of more than brushing and night flossing, so my opinion is just for the Crest 3D White vivid, radiant mint toothpaste. I love the look of this toothpaste: like a pearlized paste. The toothpaste has beautiful sheen and pretty blue specs. The taste is very herbal, and a touch camphoraceous; like basil and eucalyptus with a slight earthy note. There is a nice menthol cooling in my throat and a slight burn on my tongue. Thankfully the sweet creamy, slightly cherry,anise note smooths out the flavor and makes it seem very pleasant. I like brushing with this toothpaste and find the slight grittiness acceptable. In fact, it seems like there are cleansing beads polishing my teeth.

The most important part of an oral care regimen is brushing and the toothpaste must taste good and have mouth freshing flavor.  I think Crest Whitening Vivid did this and is an impressive product.





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