Project 7 sugar free Fresh mint gum, flavor review

Project 7 Fresh Mint Gum

I’m a sucker for helping others on a global scale. Usually, I consider help writing checks to reputable organizations. Do I think buying gum will help the world?  Not really. Especially this gum. There is nothing unique about Project 7 gum and it tastes bad, like it’s been a hot car all summer.  Will Project 7’s goal of one million new fruit tree plantings in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua change much?  Maybe…I’m not certain.  I’d rather write a check, though, than chew this gum.

When I first pop this natural & artificially flavored, artificially colored and synthetically sweetened gum in my mouth; my impression is pinesol and dirt! I imagine the mint oils sourced for this gum are from foreign countries and unprocessed. Very little effort was put into the flavor of this gum. Thankfully, it quickly becomes very cooling and the coolness drowns out the spearmint taste.  I will guess that the mint oil sourced to make this gum came from India.  Strangely, none of the money obtained from the sale of this gum goes back to that country.

Project 7 gum is bearable, mouth cleansing and cooling (once one is past the initial dirtiness). The gum seems to get bitter rather quickly, though. Project 7 gum is sold at Wal-Mart.  It seems like a strange venue for the gum, but I realize that people with limited incomes like to give to others.  In fact, sometimes I find that they are the most giving.

If you like to feel good about your purchases, Project 7 is a decent choice.  However, if you’d like a good spearmint/menthol gum, I highly recommend Wrigley 5 Rain or Ice Cubes Spearmint gum.  It’s difficult for me to say which one is my favorite, but both are delicious and use good quality spearmint oil.

I’m going to leave the rest of the tube of gum in my husband’s car (he’ll chew it), and like I mentioned previously “people with limited incomes like to give to others”.


Project 7 Fresh MInt gum Ingredient panel


  1. Susie,
    Thank you for taking the time to review our Save the Earth gum. We’d love to learn more from you about how we might improve our gum and mint flavoring. We do put a lot of effort into creating an appealing flavor profile and are always eager to see what we can do better. Would you email me at so we can take this conversation a step further!

    Again, we appreciate your feedback!

    • Susie Bautista says:

      It is nice of you to contact me; I’m sorry if my review wasn’t too favorable. Realize, though, that I am somewhat of a “mint snob”. I previously worked with gum flavors (about 7 years) and my opinion may not be that of your standard consumer. My husband likes your gum. I feel your mint flavor was too heavly reliant on foreign oil (Indian) & unrectified oil (easily degrades). Some companies specialize in mint oils (both foreign & domestic) and have worked with the largest manufacturers of gum for decades. A large portion of our countries mint supply comes from India (as well as the US). I believe India is the largest supplier, though. It would be great to see that the any donation from the sales of the gum could go back to that country. Thank you for your efforts to help others & to have compassion for other countries. I can gladly refer you to some of the best gum flavor manufacturers if you’d like or help you out in other ways.

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