Bacon Shake from Jack in the Box, flavor review

I love you more than bacon Jack in the Box Bacon Shake

It’s Valentine’s day. I’ve been married over 10 years and my sweet husband still thinks of me every year at Valentines: buys me nice presents and takes me out. I can’t imagine life with out him and feel secure that he feels similar. Reality is, though, I don’t think I can ever expect him to claim “I love you more than bacon”. Bacon, after all, is his favorite food and he’d eat it for every meal, if it wasn’t for the poor nutritional value. Would he marry bacon? That’s silly, but fun.

My entire family loves the new Jack in the Box advertising campaign “If you like bacon so much, why don’t you marry it?” (  My daughters laugh uncontrollably at the commercial “make it official; you may now eat the bride”.

Jack in the Box advertising is so clever, that I decided I needed to stop by and try one of their famous, new bacon flavored shakes. All of us in the family gave it a try and  thought “it wasn’t that bad”. On first taste, it is smokey, sweet and cured pork like. Not necessarily bacon flavor, maybe ham. The bacon flavoring blended fairly well with the buttery marshmallow flavor in the ice cream base. The concept of bacon and ice cream is smart; the flavors blend well (or marry well-LOL). Crunchy pieces of caramelized bacon would have made the shake more interesting, but bacon shake uses Natural & Artificial flavor syrup from Torani. The flavor is overpowering. After three or four sips, I’m finished, but have a lingering smokey, metallic aftertaste in my mouth.

The bacon shake at Jack in the Box is fun and palatable, but a mini-sized portion would be plenty.  Thanks Jack, for keeping food fun! and Happy Valentines Day!


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