SOBE lifewater Pacific Coconut with coconut water, review

Sobe lifewater Pacific Coconut with coconut water

It is good to see a beverage manufacturer providing an alternative to the unpleasant tasting coconut water on the market. Last year I reviewed Zico pineapple & citrus flavored coconut water and although I was impressed with how it refreshed & hydrated me, I could hardly manage to drink the entire beverage. Coconut water can be bitter and have an unappealing rancid fat note.


Coconut water typically needs some sugar or sweetener to mask the bitter rancid flavor. The team at Sobe beverage must have thought the same thing. Because lifewater with coconut water has sugar and Reb A (a natural high potency sweetner from Stevia extract). Sobe beverage also has less coconut water, 10%. This reduction results in a better taste, but lower nutritional benefit.


I am disappointed to see that lifewater is much lower on Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium than the Zico coconut water. Although, the natural and authentic sweet coconut milk flavor in Sobe life water is delicious. The slight tanginess of the lifewater gave the beverage a nice pinacolada flavor.

The calorie content of Sobe lifewater with coconut water is similar to Zico coconut water. There are 80 cal/ 20 fl. oz in the life water and 60 cal./ 14 fl. oz. in the Zico coconut water. The use of Reb A as a sweetener allows for a lower calorie content. I like Reb A in this beverage. The slight bitter aftertaste is negligible. ( reviewed Sobe lifewater and mentioned that they preferred the mango mandarin flavor. Sobe released three flavors: coconut, mango mandarin and pomegranate nectarine.  Because of  BevNet’s positive review, I decided to try the mango mandarin flavor. I compared it to the O.N.E. Coconut Water with a splash of mango. The mango flavor in the Sobe beverage is sweet, slightly perfumey, sulfury with a heavy creamy coconut milk follow through. The first drink was delicious, but I could only drink a few ounces before I found this drink nauseatingly sweet and creamy. The sweetness of the mango mandarin coconut water lingered too long. My preference is the coconut flavor Sobe life water.

Sobe lifewater and O.N.E. Coconut water (Mango)

O.N.E Coconut Mango

Thankfully, I had the O.N.E. coconut water with mango to wash down the Sobe life water. I love this beverage. It is juicy, sour and salty; yet refreshing. The flavor was an authentic cooked mango (like purée) and not much coconut water flavor. Nutritionally, the O.N.E. beverage pales in comparison to the Zico and Sobe beverage. It has 77 cal/ 8.5 fl. oz. The higher calorie count is due to mango purée and cane sugar. I’ll take the extra calories because the taste is better. Besides, I felt refreshed and hydrated after drinking the O.N.E. mango coconut water.

It’s great to have lots of options for coconut water. Sobe has provided a good lower calorie option. For those of you interested in more coconut waters on the market, Foodeducate has a nice review of the market:


Sobe nutritional panelO.N.E. coconut water nutritional panel


O.N.E. coconut water nutritional panel




  1. Betty Martin says:

    My comment on lifewater coconut water I just love it I drink it everyday and that’s all I drink and your other sobe water r the best thank you for making a great drink it’s the best drink ever.

  2. Betty Martin says:

    Great drink coconut water is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

  3. Susie Bautista says:

    Comment from Donna received 3/20/18: Glad you reviewed the Sobe Coconut water product. They discontinued it by me. It was the only thing I liked to drink. Even my grandchildren would ask for it instead of soda when they came to visit. I would buy it by the case when available. I even wrote the company, but could not get them to re-instate the product. They said it did not sell, however, most times it was sold out in the stores by me, There was one Jewel store that would dedicate one large shelf of just this flavor, so I cannot believe it was not selling. How do we get it back? I have not found a suitable replacement. Not a fan of just plain water. I know we need to stay hydrated, but nothing has been close to this “not too sweat”, “not too overpowering” beverage drink.

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