Activate Vitamin Performance Beverage, Fruit Punch review

Activate Vitamin Beverage before "twist"

Activate Vitamin Beverage ready to drink

It’s Monday and it can be difficult to get motivated and going.  The Activate Vitamin Performance beverage is a perfect choice for a review on a Monday. Activate Vitamin beverage has a unique delivery system: a powdered drink in the red cap that you must “twist, shake, activate”. The tag line for Activate Performance beverage is “a turn for the better”. The advantage of this beverage over typical vitamin beverages on the market is that the vitamins in Activate are held under dark, dry conditions. Vitamins dispersed in water and exposed to light are subject to degradation (reducing effectiveness).

Activate Vitamin beverage is packed with vitamins. One bottle has the following nutrients:

Vitamin A  37.5%     Vitamin E   37.5%     Niacin  62.%

Vitamin B12  125%    Vitamin C   250%    Thiamin  62.5%

Vitamin B16  62.5%   Pantothenic Acid    62.5%

Activate is high in B vitamins, which are notorious for their bad taste and aroma. I smell the B vitamins, but when I taste the drink, it is pleasant and refreshing.  There is a light strawberry top note that mellows out the vitamin aroma. The general flavor of the beverage is Hawaiian punch: citrus, berry, cherry & pineapple with the perfect sweetness and tartness. There is no unpleasant aftertaste from the stevia (natural sweetener) in this beverage.  You can feel good about consuming a beverage high in nutrition, low in calories, naturally sweetened and colored.  I am very impressed and would consider purchasing this product again. The other flavors available are: Blueberry Pomegranate, Orange, Exotic Berry, Lemon Lime and Lulo Pear. Besides purchasing the entire beverage system (with water bottle); you can merely buy the caps.  They are available online at

In the late 1990’s I remember working on beverage concepts like this (with a tablet that is released).  I’m glad to see how nicely this concept came together.   It’s not always an easy and quick process to get a new product to market.



after shaking

Release of tablet after "twist"


  1. doko des says:

    I did not like the taste of the drink.

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