Trident Layers Orchard Peach & Ripe Mango flavor review

Trident Layers Chewing gum, Orchard Peach & Ripe Mango

As a flavor chemist, I have to applaud the flavorist who made this peach & mango flavor. This is a well-balanced, creamy, tropical, crisp, fruity peach mango flavor and would be very difficult to copy. As a consumer and mom, I am concerned about such high flavor load in a product that children would consume. Typically fruit flavors are a “top note” for beverages or fruit fillings that lose some potency during processing. In confection, though, added fruit flavors are the entire flavor system. Chewing gum in particular has an extremely high flavor load, perhaps 2% vs a piece of candy that has 0.2%.  Flavor load is high because it is desired that gum’s flavor last 20 minutes.

The United States government is very strict about what ingredients are used in our food supply; therefore every flavor material is rigorously tested before it is approved for use in food. The International Chewing Gum Association (ICGA) and Flavor Extracts Manufacturers Association (FEMA) have recognized the differences in flavors for gum and conduct safety surveys and testing every few years.  As with any testing, statistical models are used and assessments are made to reflex the general population (not “sensitive” people).   Since gum flavor is not released entirely from chewing gum, some flavor items are indicated to have a percentage of release and  allowed higher loading.

Personally, I found the flavor load in this Trident Layers Peach Mango gum way too high. It was perfumey and bitter and left a bile taste in the back of my throat.  Initially, I liked the sourness of the gum and it covered the perfumey character, but within a minute and a half a strong tropical and fuzzy peach note hit me (perhaps para mentha thione-naturally found in many essential oils).  The coolness that came on was very nice a light and lasted at least 10 minutes. At five minutes I noticed the peach flavor more and thought it was a good flavor, but not as good as a real peach.  In my youth, I worked at a peach orchard and know what good tree ripened peaches taste like, there is no beating mother nature. Snapple’s peach comes close, though.

After 10 minutes, I spit the gum out.   Too bad the flavor didn’t leave my mouth with the gum.  It took at least 20 minutes after disposing of the gum for the taste to go away.

My kids chewed a piece of this peach mango gum and there was a nice aroma in the car when they chewed it.  Perhaps that’s an sign that it would be a better air freshener than breathe freshener.  They each chewed a piece and didn’t want it anymore after that.  I was ok with throwing out the rest of the pack.

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